Plastic Matte Finish Mobile Popsocket – Grip and Style Combined

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  • Mobile Grip and Stand
  • Allows for Hands-free Use
  • Convenient Stand and Secure Grip
  • Available in a broad variety of styles and materials
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Matte Finish Mobile Popsocket – Enhanced Grip, Stylish Look

  • Elevate Your Phone Experience: Get a secure grip with a touch of style using Matte Finish Mobile Popsockets.
  • Secure Hold & Stand: Enhance stability for all your phone activities while enjoying a trendy accessory.
  • Matte Elegance: The chic matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to your device.
  • Collapsible Convenience: Easy collapsibility and swappability for your convenience.
  • Versatile Phone Enhancement: These mobile accessories provide comfort, style, and practicality.

Matte Finish Mobile Popsocket: Your Perfect Grip and Style Solution

Introducing the ultimate phone accessory that combines grip enhancement and style elevation seamlessly. With Matte Finish Mobile Popsockets, you’re not just holding a phone but making a statement.

Picture a confident grip as you take pictures, send messages, or enjoy hands-free video streaming. The Matte Finish Mobile Popsockets give you the grip-enhancing power you’ve been searching for.

More than a mere accessory, it’s a reflection of your taste.The matte finish on your device adds elegance and a fashion-forward touch. Beyond style, this Popsocket doubles as a dependable stand, making your phone usage effortless.


  1. Reliable Grip: Secure your phone with confidence.
  2. Sophisticated Design: Elevate your phone’s aesthetics.
  3. Convenient Stand: Enjoy hands-free convenience on the go.
  4. Easy Collapsible: Swap designs with ease.
  5. Comfortable Typing: Text with comfort and precision.
  6. Steady Photography: Capture moments without shaking.


Material: High-quality plastic with a matte finish

Compatibility: Suitable for most smartphones and cases

Dimensions: Collapsed – 1.5 inches diameter, 0.25 inches height

Installation: Simple peel-and-stick application

Swivel: 360-degree rotation for optimal positioning

Elevate your phone experience today with Matte Finish Mobile Popsockets. Embrace style, stability, and convenience in one accessory. Add to cart now!


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