Camera Glass

Camera Lens Protector Screen Guards

Are you looking to buy Camera Glass online? Camera Lens Protection Glass Have ULTIMATE DEFENSE AND USABILITY: Our Best Camera Lens Protectors are designed to defend your Phone Back Camera Lens against impact, scratches, dust, and fingerprint distorts.

The CAMERA lens protectors are lightweight, thin, but highly protective after many experiments. The crew has finally developed a technique where significant glitches like Rainbow Effect, Dirt Particles entering from the borders, Weak Adhesion, and Less responsiveness have been wiped out.

HARDNESS: Effectively resists abrasions up to 9H.OLEOPHOBIC COATING: The Oleophobic coating put up into these lens guards is a special oil-repellant coating that prevents oily fingermarks from sticking to the screen so that they can be simply wiped off without leaving hard-to-remove dried blotches·

A perfect combination of anti-fingerprint and high-definition functions] Plasma oleophobic coating treatment, smooth hand feeling, and effective anti-fingerprint, anti-greasy feeling with super high light transmittance and optical level effect, it can efficiently block and filter electromagnetic rays and Improve the visibility of the display.

Professional Curved Design, The glass protector is a professional arc design, reaching an arc edge of 2.5D or more, making the fingers and hands feel comfortable and never scratched.

Camera Lens Protection Film in the Night Shooting Environment, the Flash does not affect the Photo’s quality. [Ultra-Thin Design] 0.33 mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen guard maintains the original retort sensitivity and touch, bringing you a flawless touch experience.99.9% Light Transmission, Which can Keep the Original Quality of Photographs and Videos and make the Images Perfect.

Make sure that your phone’s camera lens is clean and dry before the installation, and then apply it to the back camera.


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