Charging Cable

Buy Mobile Cables Online at Cables are an inevitable part of every gadget. Whether it is something as big as a television, or as small as a mobile phone, you need them to get the essential work done quickly and efficiently. Carrying one with yourself wherever you go or keeping one at home or work desk is always a good idea, as it comes in handy in various ways.

Different types of cables perform other functions. They differ in terms of function, feature, and compatibility. Below are some popular types explained in simple words, so you can choose one that will serve your purpose the best.

USB cable
The charging Cable is the most popular one out of the lot. These cables’ primary function is to help transfer files at high speed while also charging your phone. Make sure the size of the port supports your mobile phone’s port and fits appropriately.

Power sharing cable
The Cable that connects a smartphone or a tablet to another device, which has a micro USB for charging, is called a power sharing cable. That means that both the devices share the power.

OTG cable
OTG cables directly connect mobile devices to peripheral accessories like keyboards, mice, and USB drives. For instance, if you want to play a game on your tablet, you can attach a keyboard to it with the help of an OTG cable and have a seamless gaming experience.

AUX cable
Listening to music will be a piece of cake with an AUX cable at your disposal. You must connect it to a stereo’s input and enjoy listening to music or watching a movie.

Lightning cable
Created by Apple Inc., this Cable links Apple devices like iPhones, Pods, and iPads to desktops, cameras, and other peripheral devices.

HDMI cable
Now transferring audio and video libraries to digital display devices will be a piece of cake with an HDMI cable coming to your rescue.

Headphone splitter
You often like to watch a movie or listen to songs with your loved one while traveling. In such cases, a headphone splitter allows you to connect it to the laptop and watch the movie comfortably without sharing the same headphone.

Network cable
This Cable links two networking devices to share files and perform other functions. For example, you can attach computers to share the printer and scanner access with the help of a network cable.

Buying cables online
Now you can buy cables online after reading the reviews and finding the correct prices in India. Just choose one that will be compatible with your device and fulfill your purchase purpose, and add it to your home and office.

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