Shining Crystals Pop Socket

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  • Mobile Grip and Stand
  • Allows for Hands-free Use
  • Convenient Stand and Secure Grip
  • Available in a broad variety of styles and materials


Shining Crystals Pop Socket

Pop Socket is the ultimate phone accessory! It’s a grip, a stand, and a swappable style statement that you can mix and match to suit your stylishness. You can text with one hand, take better photographs, and watch Any video of Free Hands.

The PopGrip has a swappable top – close the grip flat, press down, and twist 90 degrees to swap out the top. Then, you can switch to a new Popsocket or do a bit of wireless charging.

– Simply swap the top to modify your style.

– For generic wireless chargers, quickly remove the top to charge your phone wirelessly

– Offers a safe grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photographs, and watch any videos Free Hands

– Functions as a suitable stand so you can watch videos on the fly

– Repositionable and sticks to maximum devices and cases (but may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases)

– Allows for hands-free use with the PopMounts. Compatible with all Popmount 2 products.

Universal marvelous crystals pop socket is a multipurpose gadget for any smartphone that can be snapped onto any device and helps to deliver a better grip.


  • Material: TPU + Plastic
  • It provides a better and more secure grip for holding one hand, snapping photos, watching videos, etc.
  • Disclaimers of Pop Socket Common For All Mobile Phones & Tablets.
  • Comfortable in 3 Positions – Closed (For Pockets), Semi-Open (for Hand), Full-Open(for Tabletop viewing).
  • It acts as a Kickstand.
  • Not companionable with an Apple MagSafe wireless charger or case.

Simply Peel & Stick

  • Find a position that you believe is appropriate.
  • Expose the adhesive base by peeling off the soft strip.
  • Stick on the surface of the phone or Back Cover.

Wondertastic gift Add some bling to someone’s life and device—a great add-on to a phone. It helps you hold your phone in your hand and can be used as a kickstand, depending on how you place it on your case. Get a PopSocket holder for your vehicle, use your phone hands-free via Speaker or Bluetooth, and safely communicate and stop holding that phone in your hand, lap, cup holder, dash, or steering wheel while driving.

What Are Mobile Holders?

Mobile Holders, also called Mobile Grips or Mobile Holders, are expanding grips and stands attached to most phones, tablets, and cases. Just Tug and put your Finger between to grip the device.

Print Quality:-

Premium quality prints on the smooth surface of the Mobile Grips keep up the classy vibes. The focus on superior quality confirms your Mobile Grip always designs ROCKS.

 Water Drop Glass Effect:-

Giving Defense to your Mobile grip Design with Superior Glass Fall.

Convenient Stand:-

Keep your hands free and get things done while you happily place the handset as a stand, anywhere, whenever, while seeing your videos.

Multiple Styles:-

Mobile Grips are available in various colors and designs to match your moods and styles.

Smooth Stick-On:-

Specifically designed 3M glue ensures stick on smooth and hard cover cases. Not friendly with silicone, highly raised Texture, and soft skin cases.

Secure Grip:-

It allows you to keep your hands comfortable when you text and take selfies and photos without worrying about dropping the phone. Wrap your fingers around the Mobile Grip and move it the way you like without ever dropping your phone again. Drop your phones, no more.

 Convenient Stand:-

Don’t sprain your neck about it. Stand your phone on a surface of your choice and watch away.


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