Mini USB Fan

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  • Plug it into your phone and you have a handy fan.
  • The lightweight and portable design allows for easy carrying and uses while traveling.
USB Flexible 3 Wings Fan For Laptop/Desktop/Powerbank
  • Durable and soft fan blades so you do not cut your fingers or your nose Gently adjust the flexible neck to direct the breeze in any direction you wish.
  • The perfect accessory for notebooks, laptops, tablets, and computers in your home or office.


Mini USB Fan

USB Flexible 3 Wings Fan For Laptop/Desktop/Powerbank. Design Portable Mini USB Fan Flexible EVA Blade Strong Wind. Silicone Mini Portable & Flexible USB Fan of Memory USB Portable Fan It is Small and easy to take in hand. Compact and lightweight. It can be used on both desk and bedside table or go out, feeling so convenient. Its flexible figure is fit for all occasions, compatible with a power bank, and connected to the PC USB port.

Portable Mini USB Fan

What can place a lightweight, portable removable design in the pocket of a small fan? High-grade silicone material Environmentally safe and feel good Standard USB interface can mix and match digital devices, such as portable power, desktop computers, laptops, USB connectors, car chargers, and plug and play. Color : Random Color Material : Silicone Dimension in cm : 8cm X 20cm X 8cm Content In The Package : 1 USB 3wings Fan

  •  EXTREMELY EFFICIENT: The Breeze Mobile has fan blades and thus ensures reliable cooling and refreshment on hot summer days. The outstanding cooling performance.
  • VIRTUALLY NOISELESS: As the fan and the motor are adjusted from the fruitful case, it works in total calm and offers a brilliant airflow as well.
  •  LIGHT & HANDY: The portable USB fan with gooseneck is ideal for traveling. The simple plug & play assembly enables quick commissioning. 
  •  FLEXIBLE ADJUSTABLE: The practical gooseneck allows a step-less adjustment of the preferred cooling direction. 
  •  USB CONNECTION: The mobile Ventilator Breeze in Assorted is connected directly to a USB port. The mini USB fan has low power consumption and is ideal for laptops, power banks, etc. 

USB Fan With Three Wings is a new cool fan for your Smartphones. It is the most popular gadget for Smartphones. The Fan wing is soft and made of plastic, so it is safe to use. Plug and play the fan in hot summer. 



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