Rechargeable Cooling Fan

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  • Eco-friendly.
  • Energy-efficient.
Portable Handy Rechargeable Cooling Fan
  • 50% energy saving.
  • Extra-long life.


Portable Handy Rechargeable Cooling Fan

During the period of control cuts, you can knowledge a cool breeze of air with the help of a Rechargeable Fan. This fan caters to your fundamental requirement of a table fan but goes a step further and provides you with backup when the control goes off.

New Advanced Technology Portable Handy Rechargeable Cooling Fan – 5 inch | Best For Kitchen and Outdoor

  • A good quality portable rechargeable fan has Quick charge technology, which works on battery. The battery is three times more effective, efficient, and long, which is best for Home and Office use. NO. 1 Quality Compared to any brand. 
  • Two prevailing speed options, Swinging for the broad exposure and outstanding cooling. The elastic head permits you to straight airflow wherever you need it. 
  •  Portable, lightweight design. It can be placed inside or outside and comes with a built-in power cable and plug to give the power supply. You can quickly go for 4 hours on low speed and 2 hours on high speed.
  • Air for Everybody:- We pledge to deliver air for everyone with Deep release & Overprice defense to save electricity and time rechargeable fan movable. The battery is Conservation free—a suitable Hanger for easy grip and easy usage.

When you have power, the outstanding air throw of the fan is enough to reach all angles of a home. It has a swinging function that allows even air motion in the room. It also has a multi-angle slanting role to set the angle as needed.

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