Mini Cooler

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  • Outside Usage When Golfing, Viewing A Game, Relaxing In Sports, Amusement Parks, Sunbathing, BPQ And Picnics, Camping Crowded Concert, classroom. 
  • Will Be Able To Give You A Steady Stream Of Conveying Cold Wind. Bring A Trace Of Coolness You No Longer Worry About Such Hot weather. 
  • Suitable for Home, Office, and Outdoor use. Power-driven by: 3 X AA Batteries ( Excluded ) or USB Cable(included).
Mini Cooler & Portable Dual Bladeless Small Air Conditioner Water Air Cooler
  • Available both indoors and outside. Easy to Carry. Can add aroma bead or frost into the box, and give out cool wind with fragrance. Add 50ml water or frost water to the box. 
  • Package Includes: 1 x Hand-held Air Conditioner 1 x USB Cable 



Portable Mini Cooler for Any Use: The fan cools highly well and is moveable. It has a double air outlet system. The wind blows efficiently and steadily. Into the wind dual, the wind out is also dual. Every gap is not more than 0.8cm. Kids are also safe to use it. Get this Long-lasting and Lifelong USB Mini Fan Water Mist Spray Air Cooler Portable for Laptop Car Room Home Office Small Air Conditioner.


How To Use Mini Cooler?

You can add the aroma beads and 50ml water into the storing box inside the fan, the mini fan will give off a sweetened scent and aroma as long as you with chilled air. In addition, you also can add freeze solid or ice water into the storing box, to provide you with freezing air. Powered by 3 * AA batteries (Included), or USB power cable to connect with computer.


The best feature of Mini Cooler: Besides, you also can add Freeze solid or ice water into the storing box to provide cold air to let you say ta-ta to hot air With desktop design and stress-free to use, it is a wonderful mini air-conditioning scent fan for choice.

USB or battery powered, indoor and outdoor use is very convenient. Power saving, the battery can drive the freezing fan for up to 2 hours. When it workings, please do not cover the wind entering your mouth, when using a USB, please take out the battery You also can add frost or ice water into the storing box to provide cool air to let you say ta-ta to hot wind Fresh Drawer style Air Personal Space Cooler Portable Air Conditioner Mini Fan.

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