Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass Blue Light Resistant Eyes Protect Film

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  • Soften screen’s light
  • Comfort your eyes
  • Premium Thin 0.3mm 2.5D


AntiBlue Temper Glass Model List
  • Tempered Glass Protector
  • Entire screen
  • Leaving reasonable edge space
  • Brands of protective cases



Anti Blue Temper Glass I ACCURATE TOUCH SENSITIVITY I SUPPORT 3D TOUCH Protect Your Eyes Healthily! Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector! This tempered glass acts as sunglasses for your mobile; you can see the screen even in bright sun. Major Advantages -Design for your Eyes’ Health!



  • Assist you in having a better sleep since
  • It could soften the screen’s light and comfort your eyes
  • Premium Thin 0.3mm 2.5D
  • Round Edges Ballistic Tempered Glass
  • Delicate Touch, Sensitive Response


  • High Hardness & Impact Resistance
  • iPhone screen is round-edge design
  • Eye fatigue caused by Blue Ray
  • Screen Protector for iPhone Exclusively
  • Ultra 99% Transparent
  • 99% Accurate Touch Screen

“Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass Blue Light Resistant Eyes Protect Film” refers to a type of screen protector designed to reduce the harmful effects of blue light emitted by electronic devices. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Blue Light Protection: The screen protector is specifically designed to filter out a portion of the blue light emitted by screens. Blue light is a high-energy light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. Prolonged exposure to blue light can potentially cause eye strain and fatigue and disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Tempered Glass: The screen protector is made of tempered glass, which is a durable and scratch-resistant material. Tempered glass provides a layer of protection for the device’s screen against scratches, impacts, and minor drops.
  • Anti Blue Ray: The “Anti Blue Ray” feature indicates that the screen protector has a blue light filtering layer that blocks or reduces the amount of blue light reaching your eyes. This feature aims to minimize eye strain and discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.
  • Eyes Protection: The screen protector protects your eyes by reducing the blue light emitted by your device’s screen. By filtering out a portion of the blue light, it may help alleviate eye fatigue, minimize the risk of eye strain, and promote better sleep quality, especially when using electronic devices at night or in low-light conditions.

It’s important to note that the level of blue light filtering and the effectiveness of the screen protector in protecting your eyes may vary depending on the specific product and its specifications. Additionally, taking regular breaks and practising proper eye care habits is always recommended when using electronic devices for extended periods.


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