12 Inch Ring Light – Compatible Light With All Devices

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  • 3 Connectors for Power Supply
  • Portable Power Bank & Mobile Phone Charger
  • Alloy Strong Bearing Capacity
  • Multi-Purpose Ring Light+
Easy-To-Use for Self-Timer, Live Broadcast To Enjoy LED Ring Light Anytime Freely!
  •  It can prevent scratching the floor
  • Customize your colour, temperature and brightness level
  •  It can be used with a USB charger, mobile power, computer host and laptop


12 INCH Ring Light Comes with 3 Modes | Superb Flash Light TO Make YouTube Videos/Vlogging/Photoshoot Etc. I Compatible with All Phones & Cameras

Ring Light Brightness and Color Temperature: You can adjust the brightness of the ring light according to the indoor environment so that the light on your face can keep enough brightness. You can adjust the colour at three temperatures (white, warm yellow, and Soft light) to make the colour softer. No fears of insufficient indoor brightness.

  • The camera ring light is made of alloy material.
  • Customize your colour temperature and brightness level.
  • USB cable makes this ring light operable outdoor.
  • Compatible with USB charger, mobile power, computer host.
  • 12 Inch Ring Light for Selfie
  • Portrait Photography and Live Streaming
  • Plastic Footpad Stand

LED ring light kit enables you to customize your colour temperature and brightness level via simple rotation. With the mobile phone charger, the portable power bank, and the USB port of the computer, easy-to-use different phone models for self-timer, live broadcast, you can enjoy LED ring light anytime freely!


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