Mini Disco Ball Light

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  • Powerful light effect & Small Size Mobile Phone Disco light LED is super bright with mini size and easy to carry
  • Light Color: RGB,4 Watt,Suitable for Car, Pc, Laptop, Power bank, Mobile Phone with USB etc.
  • Support,Power Bank,Android/ios,Laptop/Pc,And all types of Usb
  • If Your Mobile Support Otg Function,Then This Dj Light Will Work
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Mini Disco Ball Light

With its small and exquisite appearance, the Mini Disco Ball Light is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas decorations, dancing, DJ parties, etc. It can light up the room, brighten the party, and decorate your wonderful life! It’s a perfect party accessory for birthday parties, pool parties, disco parties, dance parties, pajama parties, holidays, weddings, Christmas, Karaoke, DJs, Halloween, togetherness, or other occasions. It can also be outdoors, in the backyard, bedroom, living room, and more.

Top Selling USB Party Mini Disco Ball Light

Plug and play is quite easy to use. You must plug into any USB power, such as a smartphone, power bank, laptop USB output port, etc. An intelligent voice-activated sensor embedded in a disco party light captures nearby sounds or music and changes color or speed. Mini size, portable and flexible, convenient to carry with you and hold a moveable party anywhere. Perfect for weddings, kids’ birthday parties, Christmas decorations, dancing, etc. Spicing up the party and lighting up your wonderful life! Low heat and power consumption, environmental protection, and energy conservation. Small and exquisite appearance.

Mini Disco Ball Lights Features

  •  USB DISCO LIGHT MULTICOLOR LED LIGHT – This mini disco lamp disco light USB night disco lamp will give you a romantic room look and a warm and cool living room for you and your family. The mini disco light USB operated disco light multicolor disco led bulb disco led light multicolor comes with USB fitment to fit any USB Port Device and is brighter than other Conventional disco bulbs. 
  •  DISCO LIGHT WITH STROBE EFFECTS – This USB disco LED bulb has a single ball that covers your hall, bedroom, party area, etc., and lights it up. These full-colour LED Rotating Bulbs to deliver red, blue, and green colours, automatically changing to create a strobe effect like a disco ball.
  •  DECORATIVE MULTICOLOR LIGHT – The LED disco party light comes with a completely heavy material body and outer shell, which increases the life of the light, and it is ideal for home parties, disco Bars, Clubs, and stages. And it will also turn any setting into a spectacular light display. Use them for holidays, weddings, birthdays, dance parties, Disco, and other festivities. 
  •  PERFECT FOR PARTIES – This party bulb is best for small room parties. Surprise your guests with this fantastic LED rotating bulb! Illuminate the night and witness your guests be amazed! 
  •  SMALL DISCO LIGHT – This car disco light multicolour disco projection light USB disco LED light can produce different lights from different angles that change your room’s look. Put this portable disco night light in your bedroom, car, home décor, party, hall, room, etc. Create a romantic atmosphere so you have a good mood all day. 
  •  EASY TO USE & PLUG AND PLAY –Plug and play multicolour disco light projection light is small in size and lightweight; its unique design is excellent for a car, bedroom, camping, party, studio, or adding an exciting and romantic atmosphere to your Leisure living area. The night light can be powered instantly by plugging in any USB interface, which is safer. 



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