85w USB To Type C Flash Charging Cable

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85w USB To Type C Flash Charging Cable

In Short, 85w USB To Type C Flash Charging Cable Experience an easy, reliable connection with this enhanced Type-C cable. The high-quality line provides a standard Type A USB connector on one end and a Type-C connector on the other. Best to Use with the brand Which you are considering for At present! 

Available Brand:- Oppo | Vivo | Oneplus | Mi | Realme

85w USB To Type C Flash Charging Cable features are:

  • USB 2.0 cable: USB to Type-C, supports 480-Mbps transmission speed
  • Connectors resist corrosion for signal purity.
  • In modern design, a smaller connector easily fits smaller spaces.
  • Thinner and more flexible cable
  • Enhanced charging capability (Up to 6000 mA)
  • Compact And Smooth connector head
  • The durable cable comes with corrosion-resistant connectors, allowing it to be connected and disconnected repeatedly without signal loss. Enjoy a regular, excellent signal every time.
  • Charge and Sync: Use the Type-C USB cable to charge and sync your Android device. Uniquely designed and smaller, the connector fits more easily in small spaces, making it possible, for example, to connect to your Android phone without having to remove the case first.

USB Type C Data Cable. It is 1 m long, so it can be used easily from afar. It’s quicker and superior with 3.1 Amp power. Its extra toughness ensures it stays with you longer than you can imagine and helps you quickly charge and transmit data for a longer period. Use it in your car or laptop to produce the best output possible.

  •  FAST AND STABLE CHARGING: Flexible type c cable, broad internal cabling made of copper and nickel, ensures that power reaches your device much more immediately—60% charging capacity in around 30 minutes with the original charger adapter.
  •  EXTRA TOUGH, EXTRA SLEEK: Our premium, intricate flat wire makes the cable durable and long-lasting to suit various everyday connection needs. It also ensures it lasts several times longer than standard cables.
  •  RELIABLE AND SAFE: The smart chip inside it can wisely identify the current required by your device to prevent it from overheating and overcharging. Type C cable is compatible with all the latest Android smartphones, earbuds & tablets with Type C ports.
  •  HIGH-SPEED DATA SYNC: Supports data transfer at up to 480 Mbps, saving a lot of time when transmitting data, such as libraries, pictures, songs, movies, videos, etc., between your phone and other devices.


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