Mobile Camera Glass

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Best Mobile Camera Glass in Bulk:

  •  It is made with a transparent Screen Guard that has undergone specialized Screen Guard treatment. 
  •  The screen protector protects the display from scratches and other exterior damages. 
  •   The screen guard defends your device without losing Clearness or the uncovered-screen experience. 
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  •  The Screen Protector protects the original Screen from shattering with an industry-leading. 
  •  High-quality Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint (Oleophobic Coated) Screen Guard 


Mobile Camera Glass

1. Transparent camera lens glass guard. 2. High-hardness glass material, impact-resistant to defend the camera. 3. Perfect fits the camera for a full-coverage guard. 4. Automatic adsorption lens, seamless fit, no bubble. 5. HD Clarity, it is as clear as the original to maintain your picture as good as ever.

Wholesale Mobile Camera Protector:

Specifications:- High-quality Mini camera lens defensive film can prevent your Mobile loss or scratches.



  • Perfect Fit: designed specifically for newly launched smartphones. Maintains the quality of your images 
  •  Superior Finish: this camera Glass with a skinny profile yet is ultra-tough and highly durable due to the eco-friendly high-density polycarbonate used 
  •  Maintain look: it won’t ruin its look. Easy to install. Install like ordinary tempered glass. Remove the transparent film, paste it against the camera, and gently remove it. 
  •  This camera protector with a Very Thin Profile is Ultra Tough and highly durable due to the Eco-Friendly High Density of Polycarbonate Used. 
  •  Hardness: 9H hardness level protects from accidental drops & scratches. 

Ultra-Thin & HD Clarity: The hole design does not affect the flash, and high transparency ensures original high resolution for pictures and videos. Lightweight material: ultra-thin material, providing lens safeguard without affecting the photo. Full coverage and flawless fit to the camera lens defend the lens from scratches or damage. Anti-fingerprint coated layer for resistance against stains and fingerprints.


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