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  • No mercury and other harmful substances, environmental protection.
  • Highly efficient light source low voltage of 5v.
  • The use of it is very safe and reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Constant voltage drive.



USB LED Tube Light for Emergency Lighting can be utilised with Power Banks, Laptops, CPU (Central Processing Unit), and Smart Phones via OTG.

  • This very bright LED USB light bulb is ideal for camping or emergency use.
  • All standard USB devices, as well as mobile power supplies, are compatible.
  • A USB cable can be used to connect it to computer.
  • Long-lasting (up to 30,000 hours) and simple to put wherever you want.
  • Tube light that uses less energy produces less heat and has consistent performance.

The USB LED light is a compact and versatile lighting solution that can be powered through a USB port. It is commonly used as a portable lighting accessory for various devices, providing convenient illumination in different situations. Here are some key features and benefits of USB LED lights:

  1. Portability: USB LED lights are designed to be highly portable, making them convenient for travel, outdoor activities, or any situation where you need additional lighting. They are typically lightweight and compact, allowing easy storage and transportation.
  2. USB Power Source: These LED lights are powered by a USB connection, which means they can be plugged into a wide range of devices with a USB port, such as laptops, power banks, USB wall chargers, or even car chargers. This versatility makes them compatible with numerous devices, ensuring you have a readily available power source.
  3. Energy Efficient: LED technology is known for its energy efficiency. USB LED lights consume minimal power while providing bright illumination, allowing you to conserve energy and extend the battery life of your devices when using them as a power source.
  4. Flexible and Adjustable: Many USB LED lights come with flexible or adjustable designs, allowing you to position the light according to your needs. They may have bendable or adjustable gooseneck arms, clips, or magnetic bases, enabling you to attach or position them on different surfaces or objects.
  5. Multi-Purpose Use: USB LED lights have a wide range of applications. They can be used as reading lights, laptop keyboard lights, desk lamps, camping lights, emergency lights, or even as a backlight for your TV or monitor. Their versatility makes them useful in various environments and scenarios.
  6. Different Lighting Modes: Some USB LED lights offer multiple lighting modes, allowing you to adjust the brightness or choose between warm and cool light tones to suit your preferences or specific lighting needs. This flexibility enables you to create a comfortable and suitable lighting atmosphere.

When purchasing a USB LED light, it’s essential to consider factors such as brightness levels, colour temperature, build quality, and any additional features that may be important to you. It’s also recommended to check customer reviews and ratings to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

Please note that the above information is based on general knowledge about USB LED lights, and the specific features and details may vary depending on the product you are referring to.

Portable 5 Watts USB LED Tube Light is driven by devices with a 5v USB port output, such as computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, tab, and car cigar lighter. Etc. This product is Environment friendly, with no radiation, no flicker, and no harm to human eyes.


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