T7000 Adhesive Glue

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  • For Smartphone and Tablet Repair
  • For Textile and Shoe Repair
  • Household Repairs
  • Jewelry Repair


T7000 Adhesive Glue

T7000 Adhesive Glue – Multipurpose T-7000 Self Leveling Black Adhesive Glue for Jewelry, Rhinestone Craftwork, Repair Touch Screen of All Mobile Phones

For Smartphone and Tablet Repair

T-7000 Great performance Superglue can be used for many industrial repairs. Smartphone and Tablet repair is one of the most well-known markets for this high elasticity self-leveling adhesive.

With its short drying period and hardening, this super strong multi-purpose industrial glue is the perfect pick for your Smartphone and Tablet repair.

For Textile and Shoe Repair

The T-7000 Glue is super strong; it is usually used for arts and crafts, which is why this adhesive is so great for ceramic pot repair.

Jewelry Repair

Are you bothered about how you can repair your costly bangles? Not a problem! Just use a small dap of  T-7000 Glue and get your bangles back in good condition. Within no while, the adhesive will harden, and the bangles will set. T-7000 is so multipurpose that it is the flawless choice for your jewelry.

Household Repairs

Whether it’s a textile, wooden glass, or anything else,  T-7000 Glue is the multi-purpose glue used in every household for any repair!

  • T7000 is a black self-leveling glue that matches toys, flowers, jewelry, special environmental glue arts and crafts, and other industries
  • This super glue has industrial-grade adhesive power, which is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong.
  • Needle-pointed tip outlet for the perfect glue flow – Multi-functional adhesive, extraordinary strength, and excellent design.
  • Adhesive for Repairing – Penetrates the best micro-fractures, pores, and cracks –Can be applied to flat, vertical, uneven, and overhead surfaces. Works on Several Surfaces, including rubber, metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood, and more.



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