Spiral Cable Protector with Shiny Metallic

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  • INCREASES CABLE LIFE: Stop replacing expensive iPhone and Android chargers. This Android & iPhone charger protector covers the entire charging cable, reducing the risk of fraying and breaking by well over 80%
  • COST SAVING: Spiral Cable Saver saves time and money at just a fraction of the cost of original iPhone and Android charging cables

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  • STYLISH: Spiral Ropes add colour to your regular white and black charging cords
  • COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for all cables and cords like chargers, earphones, headphones etc.
  • MULTICOLOUR: Available in assorted colours.
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Spiral Cable Protector with Shiny Metallic

Spiral Charger Cable Protector is a spiral cable wrap winding made of high-quality PE material, which is widely used in life as a cable manager. It can be used in wire arrangement, cable arrangement, cord protectors for pets, and outdoors. It can be used to organize computer cables and charge cables. The robust spiral wire wrapping film can not only store the cables but also protect their cables from being chewed by pets.

Spiral Cable Protector with Shiny Metallic

Cable Protector Specification


Spiral Charger Cable Protector is made of soft rubber with strong adhesion, allowing you to fix your cables without falling off from the desk, car, nightstand, router etc., keeping your cords neatly and well organized.


Spiral Charger Cable Protectorare flexible spiral silicone cable protectors that can reinforce the cable connectors where they bend the most to prevent them from fraying and breakage, extending your charging cable’s life. Compatible with iPhone charger cables, mobile phones USB cables, computers wires, laptops and mouse cables, headphone cables, extension cables etc.


Spiral Charger Cable Protector Cord savers are easy to use, just wrap them from the top onto your cable connector and twist them on. Both ends can be applied. Suitable for round-type cables, NOT for flat wires.


Spiral Charger Cable Protector wrap winding is made of high-quality PP material with good toughness, durability, wear resistance, ageing resistance, cold resistance and flame retardant, and safe use.

Cable Protector Features

  •  PROTECT YOUR CABLE: These spiral cable protectors are made of High-Quality PVC material that can prevent the cable from twisting, knotting, and abrasion and can effectively prevent the cable from wearing and breaking. 
  •  PREVENT PETS FROM BITING: Does your pet often bite your cable; After using the protective cover, you can protect your cable and also protect your pet from electrical injuries. 
  •  SINGLE PRODUCT LENGTH: 170 cm (1.7 Meters)/ each. Allows cropping and stitching to get the desired length. Inner diameter: 3 mm, but can be suitable for cable with a diameter of 5~7 mm approx. 
  •  WIDELY USED: The spiral protective sleeve needs to be wrapped around the cable after receipt; you can wrap it in different colours according to your preference. Suitable for USB Cable, Power Cord, Headphones, Telephone Wire, Mic Cable, Earphone Aux Cable, etc. 
  •  AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS: The colourful spirals make your cable stand out and are easier to find. Excellent design to give your cable a new look has no adhesive or residue, and is permanently adjustable/removable. 

Cable Protector Review

Cables are an essential part of our daily lives, connecting our devices and keeping us connected to the digital world. However, they are prone to wear and tear, often resulting in frayed wires, connectivity issues, and costly replacements. That’s where cable protectors come in. In this review, we’ll explore the benefits of cable protectors and help you find the ideal solution to safeguard your cables from damage.

  1. Protection against Wear and Tear: Cable protectors act as a barrier between your cables and potential sources of damage. They shield your cables from being bent, twisted, or crushed, reducing the risk of internal wire breakage and ensuring a longer lifespan for your threads. Investing in cable protectors can save money on frequent cable replacements and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.
  2. Prevent Tripping Hazards: Loose wires can pose a tripping hazard, especially in busy environments like offices or homes with children and pets. Cable protectors come in various designs, including floor cord covers and cable sleeves, which not only organize and manage your cables but also eliminate tripping risks. Keep your space safe and clutter-free with the help of cable protectors.
  3. Easy Installation and Flexibility: Most cable protectors are designed for easy installation and adaptability to different environments. They typically feature a user-friendly design that allows you to insert or wrap your cables effortlessly. Additionally, many cable protectors are adjustable, enabling you to customize their length to fit your specific cable management needs.
  4. Versatile Usage Options: Cable protectors come in various styles and sizes to accommodate multiple cable types and applications. You can find suitable cable protectors designed specifically for each purpose, whether you need to protect power cords, Ethernet cables, audio-video cables, or even heavy-duty industrial cables. This versatility ensures that there is a cable protector available for every situation.
  5. Durable and Long-lasting: Cable protectors are constructed using robust materials that withstand heavy use and harsh environments. They are designed to withstand foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and other potential hazards, ensuring long-lasting cable protection. Invest in high-quality cable protectors to enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Cable Protector FAQ

Q: What is a cable protector?

A: A cable protector is a device or accessory designed to safeguard cables from damage, prevent tripping hazards, and extend their lifespan.

Q: How does a cable protector work?

A: Cable protectors act as a barrier between cables and potential sources of damage, such as bending, twisting, or crushing. They provide a protective layer around the cables, reducing the risk of internal wire breakage.

Q: What are the benefits of using cable protectors?

A: Cable protectors offer several advantages, including preventing cable wear and tear, eliminating tripping hazards, providing easy installation and flexibility, accommodating various cable types, and offering durability for long-lasting protection.

Q: Where can cable protectors be used?

A: Cable protectors can be used in various environments, including homes, offices, events, industrial settings, and outdoor locations. They protect power cords, Ethernet cables, audio-video cables, and more.

Q: Are cable protectors easy to install?

A: Yes, most cable protectors are designed for easy installation. They often feature user-friendly designs that allow for effortless cable insertion or wrapping.

Q: Are cable protectors adjustable?

A: Many cable protectors are adjustable, allowing you to customize their length according to your cable management needs.

Q: Are cable protectors durable?

A: Cable protectors are typically made from robust materials that can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection for your cables.

Q: How can cable protectors save money?

A: By preventing cable damage and reducing the need for frequent cable replacements, cable protectors can help save money in the long run.




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