Charging Cable Protector

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  • Cable Life: Increase your cable life by using this cable protector, Stop replacing your expensive iPhone & Android Charger Cable.
  • The Spiral Cable Protector Cover your entire cable reducing breakage.
  •   COST SAVING: Spiral Cable Saver saves time and money at just a fraction of the cost of original iPhone and Android charging cables.
STYLISH:  Cable Protectors add colour to your regular white and black charging cords.
  •   COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for all types of cables and cords like chargers, earphones, headphones, etc.
  •   Durability: It is a Durable, coloured, and flexible spiral cord made of high-quality PVC and can be applied as a phone charger saver.
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Charging Cable Protector

These cord protectors are lightweight, durable and will easily fit a variety of cord types. Colour: multicolour Spiral Cable Cord Protectors Winders for Mobile Phone Charging Cable Earphones (1.5 m). Charging Cable Protector can protect charging cables as well as earphone cords from dirt, frays, tangles, and knots.


  • Cut the cable protector rope.
  • Place one end of the protector rope against to end of the wire.
  • Wrap the charging wire with a protector.
  • Fix the data cable ends with a cable protector holder.

  • The Spiral Cable protector is made up of a PVC layer that protects your cable from twists & bends against daily wear and tears.
  • The Spiral Wire Protector comes in a Dual-tone colour.
  • Increase your Cable Durability
  • Makes Cable More Beautiful
  • It gives your ordinary Black & White Cable a new look.
  • It also prevents it from bending.
  • USB Cable Protector

Using VEROX cable cord protector you don’t have to keep buying the expensive iPhone & Android Cable. The wire cable protector ensures that your cable is a protector from daily use.


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