Oppo Data Cable

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Oppo Data Cable


Connects to your Smartphones, Mp3 Players, or other micro USB-supported devices and charges or sync by connecting the USB connector to your wall charger or computer. This Micro USB cables are rugged and prepared to be well-matched with all your micro USB devices. No cautionary message works the alike as the cable you get with your device.

It absolutely supports data sync and battery re-charging for any micro USB device. No necessity to wrap them; the cable design makes them kink free. Choose your style to charge in. Plug it in; plug it into Nirvana.

Premium Micro USB Cable: High strength and flame retardant technology to improve wearability and prevent corrosion. Thick and has more copper wiring inside to make charging transmission up to make it safer.

 High Speed Charge & Sync: Charge is approximately 75% faster than many standard cables and syncs at speeds of up to 480Mbps through wide-diameter data and power wires.

 Cable You Can Count On: We bent this cable over 10000 times and saw no harm or change in performance. Heat-resistant connectors ensure complete safety and reliability.

 Case/Cover Compatibility: The compact connector heads fit cozily into almost all cutouts. Don’t be repudiated your case of choice by a bulky cable.

 Everlasting Durability: You can plug the connector in your slot quite easily and steadily, and it won’t get loose or fall out from your devices like your regular micro USB cables.

Well-matched With: Smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, MP3 players, cameras, hard drives, e-readers, external batteries, handheld game consoles, and all other Micro-USB connecting devices.

  •  FAST CHARGE & SYNC: Ensure a maximum charging speed of up to 3.1A, charge faster than most standard cables and work better for tablets and quick-charge devices. Outstanding performance confirms your devices sync and charge simultaneously with up to 480Mb/s transferring speed. 
  •  Designed to associate micro-USB devices, as well as smartphones, to a USB charger or USB Port. 
  •  Our cables are made with high-quality, extra-thick solid copper wire, facilitating faster charge and data transmission. This cable lets you to associate your smartphone to your laptop/PC to charge your phone and sync/exchange data simultaneously. 
  •  [Strong & Tangle Free Design] Made up of top quality material. Robust TPE Material with soft strong cable made of environment-friendly TPE material, not easy to break. 
  •  Faultless for charging android phones and tablets or connecting pc peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more 



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