Cross 4gb memory card

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  • Compatible: Mounts on smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, desktops, drones, etc.
  • High Performance: Best for videography, data transfer and storing bulky files
  • Ultra Fast: Offers reading speed up to 24 MB/s
  • Flash Memory: Mounts and unmounts easily without worrying about the drive getting corrupted
  • Made in India: Proudly made in India using excellent high-quality materials.
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Cross 4GB memory card offers impressive music storage, high-definition videos, high-resolution photos, and games in a tiny body. Our microSD/SDHC/SDXC card allows users to fully utilize their mobile devices and easily enjoy the true potential of data storage. Equipped with a speed Class rating, our microSD/SDHC cards promise a minimum data transfer rate that ensures optimal performance with devices that apply microSD/SDHC.

Similar in physical size to the standard microSD card, Cross Memory cards are designed to follow the SD card Specification and are only compatible with microSDHC host devices. An adaptor can be transformed into full-size SD/SDHC cards. It is strongly recommended to check for the microSD/SDHC or SD/SDHC logo on host devices (e.g., cameras, mobile phones, and tablets) to ensure full compatibility with their use. Cross microSD/SDHC will be your best data solution in this revolutionary mobile world.

Cross 4GB memory card Specification

  •   Class 6 speed ratings: Enjoy high-performance data handling for smooth multitasking.
  •   Access your files quickly to save time and improve workflow efficiency.
  •   “Capture data quickly, ensuring smooth recording of photos and videos.”  
  •   4 GB storage space: Store more of what you love, from high-res photos to HD videos.  
  • Class A1 Application Performance: Optimize app performance and smooth operation on compatible devices.

Our Class 6 memory card has high-speed data transfer capabilities, ensuring rapid access to your files. Its generous storage capacity and reliability make it ideal for securely storing a vast array of digital content.

Designed to meet the demands of modern gaming consoles and handheld devices, our Class 6 memory card ensures smooth gameplay experiences with rapid data access, enabling you to store and access your game library effortlessly.

With its high-speed performance and ample storage capacity, our Class 6  memory card is perfect for capturing and storing high-definition video content. Whether recording family moments or shooting professional footage, you can rely on our memory card for seamless video recording.


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