Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Crystal Clear


  • Hybrid design made of rigid back and flexible bumper.
  • Mil-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology.
  • Long-lasting clarity is resistant to yellowing.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Crystal Clear

Show off your iPhone with this Spigen ultra hybrid case crystal clear, transparent case by Spigen. Access all your smartphone features with precision cuts that fit all ports and pronounced buttons that are easy to press and make a suitable outfit for your phone.


Apple Iphone 12
Apple Iphone 12 Pro
Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max
Apple Iphone 13
Apple Iphone 13 Pro
Apple Iphone 13 Pro
Apple Iphone 13 Pro Max
Apple Iphone 14
Apple Iphone 14 Plus
Apple Iphone 14 Pro
Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max

Guarded Screen

Upraised bezels lift the front display off smooth surfaces, making placing the phone face-down and avoiding damage and abrasions safe. Quickly envelops the phone even with the screen guard fitted.

Overall Protection

Lifted edges around the camera protect the lenses from falls and scratches by placing the phone on flat surfaces.

Everyday Use

Lightweight yet durable enough to defend your phone from unintentional falls. It is shockproof, provides some needed grip for the phone, and doesn’t easily slip from the hands.

Why Buy Spigen Case For Your Mobile Phone?

  • TPU & PC Materials make sure the extreme safety of your device
  • Modest yet Cool design to add a trendy touch to your device
  • Crafted with a solid grip to reduce the chances of accidental drops
  • The sophisticated design perfectly uses the advantages of the scratch-resistant PC plate and the flexible TPU
  •  [Protection] Edge protection through air cushion technology. Extreme protection in the occurrence of falls and bumps

To keep your mobile safe and sound, buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid TPU & PC Back Case For Your Phone. Your phone will be safe against damage caused due to accidental falls only if the back case you choose uses a robust material. Design using high-grade Material, and this back case offers protection from various kinds of damage. Cool and shiny, this back case will perfectly match your mobile.

The price of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid TPU & PC Back Case For Your Phone is highly affordable, making it a good option for most people. The superb grip of this back case helps keep your mobile carefully in your hands. You can easily use the essential connectivity ports of your device, as this back case has the requisite cutouts. Why wait to buy the Spigen Ultra Hybrid TPU & PC Back Case For Your Phone online this instant.



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