Samsung 65W Power Adapter Trio

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Samsung 65W Power Adapter Trio – Super Fast Charging Wall Charger Compatible with S24 Ultra s24 S23 S22 S21 S20 Ultra Plus S22+ S23+ S21+, Tab S8 S7 5G FE S7+ S8+, Note 10 Plus, Note 20, S22 65W Power Trio Adapter lets you charge three devices — all at the same time! Discover the convenience and flexibility of a triple-port charger*, which allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Samsung 65W Power Adapter Trio

Go for the fast charge—with speed, stability and power; Power up a wide range of devices in a snap with Super-Fast Charging** and up to 65W total power output***. Maximize your charging time; Power up a wide range of devices, from earbuds and laptops to phones and tablets. *Charging cables are sold separately; use only approved chargers and cables.

For charging at 65W, use a USB-C 5A cable. For 25W, use a USB-C cable. For 15W, use a USB-A cable. To avoid injury or damage to your device, do not use incompatible, worn, or damaged batteries, chargers, or cables. **Super-fast charging (SFC) is supported by smartphones with 25W charging capacity or above and other SFC-capable devices. SFC is only capable with the charger’s C-type ports. *** The adapter can charge 3 devices simultaneously for a 65W power supply.

Charging speeds vary depending on the number of devices. If a device has a lower charging capacity, the power output will adjust. To charge your device at different wattage levels, you will need specific cables. If you want to charge your device between 45W and 65W, you will require a USB-C 5A cable. For 25W charging, a USB-C 3A cable will be needed, and for 15W charging, a USB-A cable can be used, which needs to be purchased separately. 

When charging a single device with a charging capacity of 15W or higher, the maximum power output of each port is as follows: Type-c1: 65W, Type-c2: 65W, and USB-A1: 20W.When 2 devices are connected simultaneously, the maximum power supply of each output will be: 1Type-c1+Type-c2 45W+20W 2Type-c2+USB-A1 45W+20W 3Type-c2+USB-A1 Share 5V4.5A 22.5W MaX When 3 devices are connected simultaneously the maximum power supply of each output will be: TYPE-C1+TYPE-C2+USB-A1 (C1:45W)+(C2:5V1.5A)+

  •  ✅【3 Devices at Once】 Get the most out of your devices with the 65W USB C charger. Charge your phone, tablet, or laptop quickly and efficiently from a single charger. This 3-port USB C charger can fast charge multiple devices simultaneously at optimal speed.
  •  ✅【65W High Power】This 65W USB C charger offers fast and efficient power to your laptops and could rapidly charge more laptops, shortening your waiting time and increasing productivity. 
  •  ✅【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】 Maximize your charging time; Power up a wide range of devices from earbuds and laptops to phones and tablets 
  •  ✅【Safety Assurance】 The charger is built with intelligent chips, which can protect your devices against damage caused by short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and overcharging issues. It automatically stops charging when battery capacity is complete to ensure your device’s safety and longevity. 
  •  ✅The adapter uses Super Fast Charging 2.0 tech to deliver blazing-fast charging speeds for your devices, ensuring you’re powered up faster than ever.

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