Rotating 360 Degree Moon Night Light Lamp

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  •  Tons of color options! With a 360-degree rotation feature, the stars will mesmerize people of all ages. You can choose between one or multiple colors at once; it depends on your mood!
  •  Project stars and moon spinning on the ceiling, and the wall rotates as the stars light up. Non-project by putting the cover on and making it a night light or regular lamp
  •  The product has three buttons, of which the button is the mode button of the night light with warm yellow light formed by covering the lid.
  •  Rotates with multiple color options – Rotates silently; color options include warm white, blue, red, and green.
  •  Innovative, high-powered light bulb – Long-lasting,. Projects are crystal clear and last longer than any other starry nightlight brand.


Rotating 360 Degree Moon Night Light Lamp

Star Master Rotating 360 Degree Moon Night Light Lamp Projector with Colors and USB Cable, Lamp for Kids Room Night Bulb (Multi-Color)

Innovative and Brilliant Star Light Rotating Projector — Take you into the universe’s space and let you feel relaxed before going to bed!

  • Sleeping object- Getting your kid to nap is always a task and bringing this portable star projector with you makes those night-times much calmer!
  • Party Projection Lamp: How impressive it would be to bring a colorful starry sky to Birthdays, Festivals, Family Gatherings, Christmas parties, or any other occasion.
  • Fun Hours before Sleeping:- Good sleep machine for those scared of sleeping in the dark; make a quiet sleep environment for them and let your baby and kids fall asleep quickly.
  • Soothing Sleep Light for Kids:- This great lighting produces a magical light effect that looks like the night sky and provides a relaxing, soothing atmosphere.

Passionate light Star Light For Home Children, Couple Bedroom Nightly Lamp, Gathering Lighting :

  • Use it as a lamp; you need to put the lid on; if you want it to be a projector, take off the lid.
  • After removing the cover can project a magic star sky on the ceiling.
  • Best for home, bedroom, children rooms. Very loving nighttime, full of heartfelt gifts.
  • Hey, it will be a good sleep at night For decorating weddings, birthdays, and parties.

Specifications :

  •   Voltage: 5V.
  •   Material: Plastic.
  •   Switch Type: 3 Push-Button.
  •   Light Source: 4 LED Bulbs
  •   Color: Sky Blue, Pink, Purple
  •   Product Size: 13cm x 12Cm x 12cm.

Star Projector Night Light Introduction :

  • Use it as a lamp; you need to put the lid on; if you want it to be a projector, take off the lid. After removing the cover can project a magic star sky on the ceiling.
  • Insert 3*AAA batteries into the holder with the right polarity, then recover the battery cover.

Description of Buttons:

  • Button A: Night Light Switch. (Turn off night light: Touch-hold button A for 3 seconds.)
  • Button B: Control for the light colors, white, red, green, blue, or various colors. (Turn off-color light: Touch-hold the switch B for 3 seconds.)
  • Button C: It is to switch the rotational switch. Rotates Lamp Light or not as you like.


  • Please take off the white plastic dome to get the projection.
  • LEDs are lovely bright; please do not look straight into the lights to avoid damaging the eyes.

Warm Night Light :

  • The best night lamp for children to keep them feeling safe at night.
  • It comes with a removable plastic white cover; you can make it work as a night light, let the children no longer fear the darkness of the night, and let you rest in peace.

Star Projector

  • Make room full of stars and moon; kids will sleep sweetly in the starry sky.
  • The starry sky helps to develop kids’ talent and creativity.
  • As a gift for your kids, turn it on – Kids are first amazed by this fantastic display, and then clapping and cheering are sure to follow!

Party Decorations

  • Ideal product for decoration.
  • As a passionate night lampand beautification light, How great it is!
  •  It can provide you with a very idealistic night, full of poetry.

Great Gifts for Children

  • Make a delightful and starry atmosphere for kids, which helps them to know different colors and stimulates their curiosity, imagination, and creativity.


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