Multi Purpose Wall Mount Holder Stand

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  • Universal Cell Phone Stand
  • Easy to Adjust and Foldable
  • ideal for small product charging
  • Socket made of high-quality brass parts
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Multi Purpose Wall Mount Holder Stand for Charging Mobile

Unique Design For All Phones This Charging holder holds your phone better. The 3-pin socket in the charging holder gives it a strong grip. This Charging holder is beautiful. Design Good in Quality and Strong. No tools Needed to Install It is usually seen. The phone gets hot while charging. This charging holder has been made so your phone gets airborne because the Holder has holes. That Keeps your phone from heating up. Large size. Can hold phones, mp3player, 7-inch tab, iPod

Multi Purpose Wall Mount Holder Stand

Durable, premium plastic ensures longevity. It folds to Save Space When Not In Use. The Improved Design is Thicker And has a Higher Boundary For Further Grip And Stability Of Your Device.

You can charge your phone anywhere safely and securely, hands-free, by Placing your Mobile in the charging stand / mount itself and relaxing. It comes with a neutral socket line support for better stability.


  •  The mobile charging stand for the wall is made of superior-quality ABS material. Best suitable for mobile phone, Tablet, and PowerBank while charging wall mounted Holder. 
  •  Its shining finish enhances its looks. The Holder’s Open Slots provide better ventilation during charging. The Three-Pin lever provides fixed support to the holder/stand. 
  •  This Mobile Holder can safely dock your phone while charging. It provides a good grip at the stand charging point and has a better foldable Design. 
  •  The socket is made of high-quality brass parts for extended durability. Uses 3 pins. 
  •  It’s very easy to install. No tool Is Needed to install it; Just Fix and Charge Your Device, Such as Your Phone or power Bank. 

Universal Compatibility

Works with 99.9% of all phones, tablets, power banks, Bluetooth speakers and headphones,

smart watches, and any device that can be charged via USB

How it Works

The Charging Stand Mobile consists of small, sturdy brackets that are set up independently on the wall. You can space them out as needed for your specific device and orientation.

The brackets gently cradle your device, which rests in the pocket created, utilizing gravity to hold it in place.


  • Universal Cell Phone Stand
  • Easy to Adjust and Foldable
  • ideal for small product charging
  • input of 100-240v and charger with an output of 11v=3a max
  • Socket made of high-quality brass parts


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Colour: Black Mobile Holder for almost all
  • Mobile up to 7-inch
  • Tray Size: 18*10 cm


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