LCD Writing Tablet

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  • Children can freely release their natural instincts, enjoy painting, etc.
  • The 8.5-inch size of drawing board would make it easy.
  • Safe for school use and all around the house.

Go Paperless with the LCD Writing Tablet -Your Portable Solution for Notes and Sketches On-The-Go!

  • The writing tablet is made from friendly material.
  • Safe and comfortable.


SUPER TOY LCD Multi Color Writing Tablet E-Notepad Ruff Pad

SUPER TOY Writing Tablet is the Great Educational And Learning Gift for Girls, Boys

LCD Writing Drawing Tablet Board is an Wonderful Toy gift for Girls and Boys on many events: birthday gifts, children’s Day gifts, party favors, classroom prizes, graduation gifts, learning, Easter, Christmas, New Year’s gifts, etc.

It can be used in traveling, leaving messages, at school, at home, help to talk and memo.

LCD Writing Tablet for kids

This is a good gifts for autistic boys and girls. Drawing, Writing, Spelling, Graffiti, Calculation! Energy saving, replaceable battery, power only consumed when erasing.

Digital Writing Tablet Arithmetic Board

The LCD Writing board is also a good kit for you to use in your work, a movable office helper, specially useful for some office discussion, appropriate for you to erase and write it again.

Kids Drawing Pad

The kids drawing board can be used to doodle, draw, write, count and so on to improve their imagination. Your children can study in a fun way with using the LCD writing board.

LCD drawing board

The greatest gift for your kids, a decent toy for your kids to draw and doodle. Instead of the old-style painting paper, the LCD writing board is more eco-friendly and durable.


If you can’t clear the writing content

  1. Click Delete button. Press the button to erase the contents of the writing.
  2. Make assured the lock button is off if you want to delete it, if still it is unable to clear, please change the button battery.
  3. Open the battery cover in the direction of the arrow to replace the battery.
  4. Use a stylus pen to write or draw again.

Points to Remember

  • Say goodbye to the mess, and click the erase button of the doodle pad to clear the screen in one second.
  • Say goodbye to waste, this colorful writing tablet supports 100,000 times of writing, no waste of paper.
  • A perfect helper for mom and dad, let the children play happily without noise.


No glare or blue light, radiation free, it can protect your kids’ eyes even after long hours of use. And it’s splash proof to prevent accidental spilling from destroying your work. Great tool for drawing, taking note, scribbling, etc.



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