Buy Samsung Note 10 Display Online

Original price was: ₹10,500.00.Current price is: ₹7,800.00.

  • Samsung Note 10 Display Online (Incell)
  • High quality product with 100% perfect fit.
  • Complete display combo with LCD screen and digitizer touch screen.
  • Tested before shipping (QC done).



Buy Samsung Note 10 Display Online

A perfect, budget-friendly replacement for your damaged or nonworking screen!

Buy Samsung Note 10 Display Online

This is envisioned as a pocket-friendly replacement and is not expressed or implied to be the same quality as the new. With the original OLED screens often not being a cost-effective option for this model, these are a great alternative to keep your phone alive.

  • 【Quality Guarantee】All Samsung Note 10 LCD replacements are strictly QC tested before shipment, 100% intact. Ensure the Galaxy Note 10 replacement screen has no scratches, dead zones, or dot pixels or lines on the screen: high color fullness, high resolution, wide color gamut, and smooth hand feel. 
  • 【Parameters】For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LCD screen  replacement, 6.3-inch, 1080 x 2280 pixels, please check your phone model before buying. This screen does not contain the home button, front camera, home button, front camera connecting cable, or earpiece speaker. Please remove them from the old screen. 
  • 【Application】Used to replace the faulty LCD touchscreen digitizer assembly for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Examples include incorrect screen response, display issues, pixel distortion, cracked LCD screen, wrong colors, and old or frozen LCD. 
  • 【INCELL screen】This Screen Replacement for Samsung Note 10 belongs to the INCELL screen. The INCELL screen size is smaller than the original, and the screen does not have a fingerprint sensor. The original screen has a fingerprint sensor, but the INCELL screen is also a first-class screen, and we will test it before shipping. If you do not mind the size and fingerprint function of the screen, please do not purchase this screen. 
  • 【With Repair Tools】A set of high-quality repair tools, Double-sided adhesive tape, and a screen protector. Please note that these tools in the free repair kit may not be available for all products, and some screen models may require specialized tools for equipment maintenance. 

Installation Precautions: Samsung Note 10 Display Online

1. Check whether the product is in good condition and test it before fixing it. Do not remove protecting film or tags during testing. Watch out for static issues.

2. The screen is glass, which is a very fragile product. Testing before installation is intensely recommended

3. Do not twist the cable. During installation and testing, make sure the LCD cable is not bent. Curvatures greater than 90 degrees will result in a black view.

4. Press and hold the power and volume keys simultaneously if your phone has a black screen during installation. If the phone vibrates, the mainline is not installed correctly. Then, reinstall the product.

5. If you are not a maintenance professional or have no experience repairing electronic equipment, we do not recommend replacing the screen by yourself. Please take it to a repair shop for help to save you time and money. Or find the relevant installation video on the YouTube platform and follow the installation steps.

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