YT-1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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  •  1288 Selfie Stick With changeable remote shutter, well-matched with iOS or Android 4.3 or above Mobile Phones. 
  •  180-degree rotation to come across all your shooting angle wants. 
  •  Bottom support tripod linking; you can combine your tripod to sort it more fun. Compatible with All smartphones, Digital Camera, Sports Action Camera, and 4k Inaction Camera. 
  •  With Clip Lens, Relish fish eye style pictures with a range of more than 180° from left to right on your phone. 
  •  Take pictures of large scenery ranges, such as groups of people, buildings, or landscapes. 


Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Yunteng is a well-known brand producing one of the best quality monopods. The newly released Yunteng YT-1288 Self Picture Monopod Extendable Handheld Pole with Shutter Remote Control is suitable and convenient for taking pictures. You can now take your picture; no need to ask strangers to take you a picture while still having a better-angled picture. The YT-1288 selfie stick is high quality and extendable with a flip-lock selfie stick. Superior metal, this selfie stick can rotate in any direction to click your choice of selfies. It can support mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and ordinary DSLRs.


Bluetooth Selfie Stick has functionality and elegance and comes with a detachable Bluetooth clicker remote. The standby time of the Selfie Stick makes it practical enough for everyday use, and the sturdy build provides phone security in various environments. Selfie Stick permits multiple points of customization and modification.

The holder will strongly fashion all phones closely, and the easy-to-use handle button with the adjustable stick allows for easy, brilliant photography.

Thick, Lengthy & Durable Hard anodized aluminum, 1mm densest tube, retracted to 18″, and lengthy to 50″, Bluetooth Flip Lock Monopod offers extreme care for daily use of all your needs. All-in-One Design Bluetooth Monopod works with almost all Smartphones, lightweight digital cameras, and POV cameras, including GoPro, Sony Action Cam, and more.

Safe & Secure Your camera and smartphone mount safely on the monopod. It closely works with all cameras around you! The wrist band helps you to grip the monopod safely in your hand when taking videos and snapshots. Rechargeable Remote Button for Smartphones The Bluetooth remote button offers a suitable way to control your smartphone to take exciting pictures.

  •   This Selfie Stick is friendly with all Smartphones having a width of up to 90mm. 
  •  Digital cameras are also Well-Linked with Selfie Stick. It uses DSLR/SLR camera without extending any section of the selfie stick. 
  •  A selfie stick is super extendable up to 4 ft.(1.25 meter)—superior aluminum alloy to prepare four sections of the selfie stick for better stability and durability. 
  •  Bluetooth remote has a tremendous connectivity range of 35-40 meters without any obstacle between remote and device. 4. It comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote, which is used separately from smartphones. It can click photographs for up to 4-5 hours while connected to smartphones. It as well comes with a zoom in/zoom out 5. 
  • Selfie Stick 1288 Bluetooth remote works only for smartphones having iOS 5.0 or above and Android version 4.3 or above Version. Bluetooth remote is not Capable for action cameras and digital cameras. Due to camera limitations in certain handsets, the zoom in/zoom out feature may not work in all handsets.

Love Extreme Pleasure This monopod helps you record pleasant memories among BBQs, trips, vacations, sports events, get-togethers, and all scenes you can imagine. It brings more joy into your life. It supports all Android(4.22 or later) and IOS (5.0 or later) system smartphones.


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