5g Technology

5g Technology – Everything about Wireless Communication & it’s Advantages

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. This new mobile network is introduced for evolving the 4G LTE networks that are in use in today day to day life. This network is designed to provide the users a truly wireless experience through 5g technology. For the quick development environment around, we need a mobile network like 5G; this network fulfills our needs.

One of the main highlights of this multi-Gbps mobile network system is its negligible latency, which means it will provide you a quick response without taking much time. This network has s latency of 1millisecound, which is 30 times lower than 4G. In addition, this network will give you a very high peak data speed, which will make things better compared to 4G’s buffering and slow speed.

5G is also considered beneficial for industries. This network will provide a high-speed connection to a small industry that will help them do things quicker. The objective of this network is to communicate with everyone with everything. This high-speed mobile network will help to connect every machine, device, and object. This network is known as the network of the future that came into real existence.

Speed Proposition of 5G Network

Speed is the most important aspect every user is hoping to get from 5G. 5G is getting popular due to its high data speed; this network can give as fast as 20Gbps speed. As compared to 4g, this network is much superior. This network will provide 500% more speed than 4G.

The high peak data speed is one of the main factors for getting 5G popularity. This network has low latency that will provide you a very fast experience. IMT requirements will also determine the speed of 5G. You must carry a power device to get a true 5G experience.

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5G, the future network is made for many users, so it is designed to increase its network capacity if needed. It can be done by expanding the network into a new spectrum like mm-Wave. Overall you can say that this network will give you a far better experience than 4G in terms of speed.


Advantages of 5G Technology

5g technology comes with many benefits, the main one is the greater speed in data transmission. 5g technology is a future-ready network, so the speed of this network is also very high. This network can provide as much as 20Gbps speed to the users. This number is five times bigger as compared to the current 4G network. This will enable the user to the axis a high-speed data transmission.

The latency of the 5G network will be negligible. This feature enables the user to have a lightning-fast experience. This new update is considered to be very beneficial for industries. It will help in controlling machinery more smoothly. It will help in the remote transport system, logistics control, surgical operations, and many more.

By 5g technology greater number of connected devices are possible. All the device includes sensors, automatic cars, mobile phone, and every other possible object. All such Devices can get the axis to an instant internet connection. Overall this network will help in increasing the standard of living of common people.

Role of Reliance Jio in Enhancement of 5G Technology

Reliance industries is a big name in the telecom industry. Reports say that jio 5G services will be launch in the second half of 2021. It has been said that jio will provide a true 5g technology to Indians by using 100% home-grown technology.

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Reliance is among the top 5 competitors of 5G. Reliance has won the bid for the Indian telecom market by getting 490MHz of mid-band spectrum, Which is a huge number on its own. Reliance jio has had played a major role in providing 4G to every corner of India due to its cheap rate.

Hoping Reliance jio will do something in the 5G market like it has done last time. However, due to reliance’s business techniques, it can be said that the launch of 5g technology will come with many hidden surprises for the 5G users around India.


Is 5G Available Now?

Yes, 5G is not an imagination anymore; it is available today. Many global telecom operators have started providing 5G services. This ultra-high-speed internet network is launched in back 2019. 5G has been deployed its presence in 60+ countries.

All the big names in the mobile manufacturing industry have started making 5G phones. 5G phones are easily available in the market. 5G is now available in many cities. Two years back, testing of 5G started, 5G is limitable associable to a very small part.

All the major players in the telecom industry are looking forward to the better availability of the network. It has been predicting that after some year, 5G will be accusable to a major part of the globe.


Overall, we can say that 5G is a network that will help in boosting the growth of many industries. By having this ultra-fast network, all the drawbacks of the 4G network can be completely wipe-out. This network will help in providing faster speed, least latency, and will be more reliable. This network will boost many sectors and help in the growth of many economies. All the major players of the telecom sector are in the run to provide a 5g technology  to users as soon as possible.

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