5g Technology

5g Technology – Everything about Wireless Communication & it’s Advantages

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. This new mobile network is introduced for evolving the 4G LTE networks that are in use in today day to day life. This network is designed to provide the users a truly wireless experience through 5g technology. For the quick development environment around,…

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology, its Advantages & Evolution in 2021

Mobile Technology has implied a major impact on our daily lives and changed our everyday routine tasks. The wonderful technology has brought a new meaning in the term of multitasking. A few decades ago,

Android Version

Android Version 1.0 to 12: Know all the Features & Specifications!

13 years ago, our world got the first Android version, and since then, the operating system has blasted over 2 million devices. Nine out of every ten smartphones are featured with Android OS. From the first day of inaugural to today, the world’s best operating system has evolved. Here is…

iOS Version

15 iOS Version, Features, And its History!

 iOS stands for iPhone operating system, which is now 13 years old. Since the first day of launching, it has revolutionized the smartphone industry with its excellent features. However, hundreds of popular Mobile operating systems, but iOS has always stood out from the crowd.