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How To Complete Mobile Payments Securely?

Mobile payments are a very popular means of transection of money in our modern world. Payments are generally referred to as any financial payment made through any portable electronic device like a cell phone or tablet.

Mobile payment is a safe and secure method of money transaction. It can be used to send money to your family or friends via various money transaction apps. It is very time efficient and helps to pay easily whenever you want. It also provides you many deals and offers as a special discount or money back.

Methods of Mobile Payments:

There are various methods of mobile payments. Four of Which are most popular among the public and have the maximum number of users using these four methods. All four methods are listed below.

  • Mobile browser-based payments: This payment method allows the user to make a CNP / card-not-present purchase. This can be done by using a credit card, gift card, or banking information. All one has to do to fill in details on your mobile or tablet.
  • In-app mobile payments: Users can do financial transactions through the app in this type of payment. There is the various app that allows money transaction. You can fill in your bank details or credit card details, or ACH information in the app. You have to fill in the information once; then, It will allow you to buy products and pay in few clicks.
  • Mobile or wireless credit card readers: In this type of payment user does not require to have a credit card physically all the time. Instead, users have to log in to the virtual terminal application by using a phone or tablet. This is mainly used by the business person and considered one of the best payment methods for business purposes.
  • Contactless payments or mobile wallets: This count among the best way to do financial transactions by mobile or tablet. NFC is the base technology that enables the user to perform such transactions. Users have to wave the mobile device across a contactless reader. This will enable the contactless reader to capture the payment information.
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Threats of Mobile Payments:

There is some thread of mobile payments. Therefore, a user must be aware of such a threat; some of the major threats of mobile payments are given below.

  1. Using old dated software:

Payments can be operated via phones having various software and hardware. However, using an old version of software may reduce your security, attracting hackers to your account. Therefore, users should always prefer modern mobile software for mobile transactions.

  1. Lost your phone:

In many cases, the user may lose his/ her phone. The phone contains all the information of card and bank details. This may lead to leaking your information. As not all person will return your phone if they get. So the user must take care of his/ her phone.

  1. Inappropriate using habits:

Protection of your mobile payments also depends on your user habits. In many cases, the user uses websites such as chrome or Safari for payment. This may be very risky for making payments. This may create a thread to your account. Users must make payments through a recognized app or website.

  1. App clones:

This is again a very common way hackers use to get your bank or card details. Many times you can download a payments application turn to be a clone of the original application. In this case, a hacker can easily hack your details.


How To Secure Mobile Payments?

For avoiding any kind of threat, the user must know some methods to keep your mobile payments more secure. Some of the important methods are listed below.

  • User must choose Two-factor authentication: The user must enter the second piece of information after entering the password. A code is usually sent to your phone no. this helps to connect your mobile no to your account.
  • Turn off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is usually used as an alternative to RF. Therefore, the user must turn off Bluetooth when not required. By doing so, user can limit assess of unwanted data on your phone.
  • Keep your app update: An updated app helps increase the protection of your payments from hackers. By updating the app user may fix all the loops from which hackers will get into your account.
  • Mobile security: having Mobile security may increase your protection of payments. There are many advanced mobile security software that protects your device from malware and warns you of suspicious apps.
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Why Mobile Payments Are on The Boom:

Mobile payments is a newly launched method of payment; this is rapidly gaining popularity among the public. Some of the major facts that help in the booming of payments are listed below.

  • Time savings:

Mobile payments using done within seconds. So it saves a lot of your time. This is a major factor that makes payments popular.

  • Cost savings:

Usually, in mobile payments, the user doesn’t have to pay any extra charges. Along with this, he/she gets Many discount offers or cash back. This enables them to pay less than their actual cost.

  • Exchange of funds:

In mobile payments, the user can send or get funds immediately if required from his/ her family or friends. This feature helps in gaining the popularity of payments.

  • Security:

Mobile payments are usually very secure. You don’t have any thread of theft of physical money. By just carrying your phone, you can do any kind of transaction without any threat. This helps in booming payments.


Mobile payments are the modern way of money transaction. This is a very fast and easy way of transferring money from your account to your friends or family members. This is a modern-day money transection method that comes with many deals and offers. Payments enable the user to save his/ her time and help them in avoiding physical currency. In this you get Various methods, all such factors make payments popular day by day.

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