Tips to buy Refurbished Mobiles Online in India

Get the Best Deals: Tips to buy Refurbished Mobiles Online in India

Tips to buy Refurbished Mobiles Online in India :- Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for everyday life in the modern world. Smartphones will assist us in our work, gathering information, and even keeping in touch with our friends and family. However, purchasing a fresh smartphone may be expensive, and not everyone can afford it. And used or refurbished phones come to the rescue here.

Tips to buy Refurbished Mobiles Online in India

According to the definition, “refurbished phone is a used gadget that has been restored to operational condition. They cost less money than new models of comparable value”. However, because of their wear and tear, old phones are gadgets that have been in use for a long time and are sold at a reduced price. But before you purchase an old or second-hand mobile, there are a few things you need to take care of that’ll save you, your money and time.

Check the IMEI Number from the CEIR Database:

How to check an IMEI number using the CEIR database:

To check the IMEI number, you will be required to use the CEIR database on one mobile phone: either yours or your friend’s phone before you eventually buy the phone. You can do this in two ways by using features provided by the CEIR including:


The SMS feature in the CEIR database can be used by everybody as long as the user has a mobile phone. You need to form an SMS using your mobile phone as follows: KYM to 14422. CEIR will then shortly send a reply SMS comprising the name of a brand, model name, the name of the manufacturer; the type of device, and IMEI status ex. valid, invalid, and blocked. SMS should be composed as described above.

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Web application or webpage:

Its name is the KYM app and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The CEIR system in both cases will allow us to see a lot of information about the mobile device from the IMEI to the data on the manufacturer, model name, brand, and type and whether the IMEI is valid or blocked.

Examine the condition of the refurbished phone:

If you buy a phone online or are willing to go see it in person before, ask the seller to send photos from all sides. This will allow you to see obvious dents, scratches, or other damage. Also do not forget to check the performance of the ports, camera, and keys by trying to charge it, take a picture, and turn it on. Of course, if the phone is not new, there may be traces of use. However, it is necessary to make sure that the mobile is still in good situation and working properly.

Look for Accessories:

It is very important to check the available phone accessories that come with the person and they should all be the original ones – the user manual, earbuds, and charger. Even in case the phone is incomplete, it might not be a smart investment as it is missing some vital original accessories.

Know the Seller of your refurbished phone:

Knowing the seller is the first; otherwise, you will buy a fake phone. Apply caution and go for a credible and trustworthy vendor who has the same reputation when selling refurbished phones. It is recommended to buy from the vendor having a positive industrial reputation and being in this business for quite a long time. When buying something, take some time to do your homework, look for reviews, and rate the seller.

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Examine the Battery Life:

The battery life is a key aspect to contemplate while buying a reconditioned phone. Check the remaining battery life of the phone. Let’s make sure it has not drained down. It is suggested that you avoid getting the phone if the battery life of the phone is less than 80% at the least. Another option is to inquire the vendor about the battery whether it is the original one that came with the phone or it has been changed with a newer one.

Examine the Warranty:

Whenever you are going to purchase a refurbished phone, you should first make sure to examine the warranty. Ascertain if there is a warranty, which covers any errors or defects of the phone. The warranty gives you a guarantee against any faults during the warranty period and has been restored to its original condition. A guarantee, therefore, should be the determinant factor when purchasing that phone.

Think About the Cost:

Finally, consider the purchasing price of second-hand handsets. A refurbished phone should be some percentage lower in price compared to a new one. Of course, don’t accept the deal if the refurbished phone’s pricing is not a little lower than that of a new phone.


Purchasing an old or refurbished phone might be a terrific way to save money, but before you buy, keep the aforementioned considerations in mind. You may make sure that you choose a phone that suits your needs and expectations by paying attention to these guidelines.

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