Whitestone Dome V/S Normal Glass Screen Protectors

Whitestone Dome V/S Normal Glass Screen Protectors

Whitestone Dome V/S Normal Glass Screen Protectors

Your Smartphone might be one of the loveliest things of yours you have. You want to take fantastic care of your Smartphone. Several people are confused between a Whitestone Dome V/S Normal Glass Screen Protectors as to which one is good to secure their Smartphone. Undoubtedly, it’s a Whitestone dome, as we will explain today. Have a look!

Whitestone Dome

Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is one of the best solutions for smartphone safety, as it is the only non-edge-to-edge product and uses chemically treated glasses. The chemical bath makes it more robust than any other product. However, it is still a glass and can break.

Glass Screen Protectors

It is now coming to regular tempered glass screen protectors, as it is also an excellent solution to prevent your mobile screen from being damaged. But when it comes to capability, then it is far weaker than Whitestone Dome. It is commonly made of polyurethane or laminated glass.

Differences Between Whitestone Dome vs. Glass Screen Protectors

However, several points differentiate Whitestone Dome from glass screen protectors. However, the differences rely on the quality of both products. Here are some of the noticeable differences.

Method of Installation

The Whitestone dome uses the full adhesive and ultraviolet light installation method. Which can only provide the best screen protection to your expensive Smartphone; as we mentioned earlier, it is the only non-edge-to-edge product that provides the specific safety to your mobile device. On the other hand, the standard glass screen protector installation method is simple and unable to provide edge-to-edge safety.

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However, the hardness of both products is similar, which is 9H. However, both are capable of preventing your mobile screen from scratches. But due to a bath of problematic chemicals, the Whitestone Dome is more complex than regular glass screen protectors. The hardness of the Whitestone dome is also shock-resistant so that it can prevent your mobile screen from sudden falls.

Fingerprint Marks

However, both products can prevent fingerprint marks on your mobile screen, but they are visible on regular glass screen protectors. On the other hand, if a Whitestone dome is installed on your mobile screen, you would not encounter any fingerprint marks, even on your screen protector.

Blue Light

The blue light of smartphones is highly harmful to our eyes. Not only your mobile screen, but the Whitestone dome also helps save your precious eyes from that blue light by decreasing its effects to almost 25%. At the same time, the standard screen glass protector doesn’t have this feature.

Touch sensitivity

The Whitestone dome provides a beautiful experience of scrolling the news feed of social media sites and doing other actions by moving fingers on mobile screens. Everyone likes smooth actions, even when it comes to moving fingers on their smartphones. In comparison, one can’t find this level of smooth actioning with a regular glass screen protector.

Case compatible

The Whitestone dome is a beautiful invention for smartphone lovers who want to hold an attractive device in their hands. One of the noticeable things is the look of your expensive smartphones, which no one wants to compromise. The Whitestone dome is case compatible, which fits your mobile screen brilliantly and provides a far better look. On the other hand, glass screen protectors can be just used to save the mobile screen from damage.

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Prevent extra damage

It is now coming to the most outstanding advantage of the Whitestone dome. If your Smartphone’s screen is already damaged, it is still workable, and you want to prevent it from further damage. Changing the mobile display folder is an expensive operation, but using a Whitestone dome, one can save their Smartphone from further damages, cracks, or blemishes.

Which one is better, Whitestone Dome or Glass Screen Protector?

Undoubtedly, the Whitestone dome is far better than glass screen protectors. The reasons vary from its quality and capabilities. However, it is more expensive than glass screen protectors but can provide extreme safety to your precious and lovely Smartphone.

Why is the Whitestone Dome Better than a regular glass screen protector?

Some significant facts make Whitestone domes better than glass screen protectors.

  1. Edge to Edge Safety
  2. Case Compatibility
  3. Enhances Smartphone’s looks
  4. Prevents fingerprint marks
  5. Smooth actioning
  6. Blue Light decreasing feature
Does Whitestone Dome help to hide scratches?

If the scratches are light, then the Whitestone dome can almost hide them. However, it depends on the scratches. Suppose it is darker than it might be visible, but not as it was before installing the Whitestone dome.

Does Whitestone Dome Screen Protector warranty cover the cracked screen?

Yes, it can cover the cracked screen and prevent it from further damage. However, the crack marks will be visible, but they will not increase if a Whitestone dome is installed on your mobile screen.

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