Gorilla Glass Or Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Which Is better?

Nowadays, the popularity of smartphones is increasing, and it becomes the possession of people. There are a variety of smartphones, from high price to low, with a lot of features. People invest a lot of money in smartphones. Think about a circumstance, you bought a phone with your saved money and accidentally, you drop the phone on the floor. Then the phone screen will be broken as it is made from glass. What will you do then, because a touchscreen phone would not work correctly if the screen is damaged? This is where a tempered glass and gorilla glass protector come in handy. They protect a phone’s screen from water, dust, fingerprints, scratches, and a fatal fall.

This article will talk more about gorilla glass Or tempered glass screen protector. In the end, we will inform you which one is betters so that you can choose accordingly.

What Is Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

There are many screens protector available on the market. A screen protector provides a good quality surface for easy finger swiping and a higher visual display. This is why a tempered glass screen protector undergoes several chemical and heat treatments to improve the glass strength. The tempered glass was heated and cooled down in a rapid session. Also, this will add multiple layers to the tempered glass. Because of this, the tempered glass breaks differently than regular glass. It makes the glass more muscular than the plastic screen protector. Because the layers of the glass consist of absorbent silicon, PET film, and clear adhesive coating. The tempered glass protector is used in a smartphone, refrigerator trays, diving masks, and vehicle windows.

Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass Screen Protector

What Is Gorilla Glass Screen Protector?

Gorilla glass is another glass protector which is a stretch-resistant and long-lasting glass brand. It is used in tablets, smartphones, and other devices to protect the screen. When a gorilla glass screen is made, the Ion – Exchange process increases the glass’s strength. The material used in gorilla glass is called alkali-aluminosilicate, which contains aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. Gorilla glass is the most potent and stretch-resistant mobile screen protector due to its beautiful features. When you apply the gorilla glass to your mobile screen, the life of the screen will increase. Even though the glass is thin in size, it is a very durable product.

Gorilla Glass Screen Protector
Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Comparison Between Gorilla Glass Or Tempered Glass

Manufacture tempered Glass Screen Protector

We can make tempered glass from annealed glass with the thermal tempering process. The annealed glass is placed onto a roller table. Then it should be taken through a furnace that heats it well above its transition temperature, which is 564°C to 620°C. After heating the glass, quickly cool the glass with forced air. There are other alternatives which is a chemical toughening process. It increases the toughness compared with thermal tempering. The chemical toughening process can be applied to glass objects of complex shapes.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

The gorilla glass becomes strong during the ion exchange process. It is submerged in a molten alkaline potassium salt. The temperature should be approximately 400°C. This salt bath replaces the small sodium ions in the glass with larger potassium ions. On the other hand, the larger ions occupy more volume and create a surface layer of high residual compressive stress. This will give the glass surface increased strength and overall crack resistance.

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Version Of The Protector

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The tempered glass protector has no version available. But the tempered glass’s price and quality can differ depending on the manufacturer and brand.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

There are different versions of gorilla glass protectors available on the market. Like Gorilla glass 1, gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4, gorilla glass 5, gorilla glass 6, and gorilla glass victus. It has been said that victus is twice as scratch resistant as gorilla glass 6.

Brand And Developer

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Different small companies and Chinese manufacturers create tempered glass. It does not come under any specific brands.

Any company worldwide can create its brand by ordering these companies. Companies like Spigen, nillkin, ZAGG, Zeffrom, etc., have made tempered glass protectors.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

An American multinational technology company named corning developed gorilla glass. The brand is specialized in toughened glass and is thin, light, and damage-resistant. The gorilla glass is used in more than 6 billion devices by more than 45 several top brands.


  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

You can use tempered glass when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations. Tempered glass is a mobile screen protector for balcony doors, shower doors, bathroom areas, tablets, etc.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Gorilla glass is used as a cover glass for portable electronic devices. It is used in mobile phones, portable media players, computer displays, and television screens.

Oleophobic Coating

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

An oleophobic coating is designed to keep fingerprints off of your screen. It resists dust and oil to keep your phone clean most of the time. This is why all tempered glass protector has an oleophobic coating.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Gorilla glass screen protector does not contain an oleophobic coating. The material used in gorilla glass already serves the purpose of an oleophobic coating.


  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The price of tempered glass varies depending on the quality of the glass screen protector. Also, You have to buy the tempered glass and phone separately. Then you can apply the screen protector to your smartphone screen.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Gorilla Glasses comes with the phone itself. You do not have to buy the glass separately. But the price of the gorilla glass protector is included with the smartphone. If you replace the gorilla glass, the cost will be much higher.


  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass is scratch proof and shatter proof. It is 99.99% transparent and responsive to touch. Tempered glass is comparatively thicker than gorilla glass.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

The Gorilla glass screen protector is very thin and light. It is scratch-resistant and damage resistant. Some scratches may be caused by some rare metal, sand, and diamond.

Replaced Or Reused

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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According to your preference, you can replace the tempered glass screen protector. Also, you can reuse it as well if the screen is size-matched.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Gorilla glass screen protectors can be used only one time. So you can not replace or reuse it.

Application Of The Protector

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It would help if you got your smartphone’s tempered glass screen protector fixed. You can do it by yourself, or you can ask for the help of any mobile shop owners. The process of installation of the tempered glass screen protector is very lenient.

  • Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Smartphones these days already come with a fixed gorilla glass protector. But if you want to replace one of them, you must go to a shop owner.

Difference between Gorilla Glass Versions

Gorilla Glass Or Tempered Glass
Difference between Gorilla Glass Versions
  • Gorilla Glass 1

It first came between 2005-2006 and appeared with an iPhone. The display was 2.5 mm thick and had an oleophobic coating. Apart from the iPhone, there are other phones with gorilla glass on their display. About 250 devices had gorilla glass in just the first generation.

  • Gorilla Glass 2

Gorilla Glass 2 was released in 2012 by morning at CES. The thing that was changed is the thickness of the glass. It was 20% thinner than the first model. The gorilla glass 2 could withstand up to 50 kg pressure without cracking or breaking. The gorilla glass becomes thinner than the first, and manufacturers generate lighter and thinner models of their phones. Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4 comes with gorilla glass 2.

  • Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla glass 3 came on models like the Galaxy S4, the motif, and the Moto X. This version comes with native damage resistance technology. Gorilla glass 3 prevented up to 45% of the scratches on display. This will allow the glass to handle even deeper scratches.

  • Gorilla Glass 4

The gorilla glass 4 arrived in 2014 with a bold new objective. The new version was developed and focused on the idea of being resistant to drips. The company invests in the reinforcement of its glass. This version comes on models like galaxy note 5 and zenfone 2.

  • Gorilla Glass 5

This version, released in 2016, focused on providing even more resistance to drips. It claims that this glass is less susceptible to cracks even if the phone is dropped on a rigid surface. This glass version is used on Samsung galaxy note 20 and Moto G 5G.

  • Gorilla Glass 6

This version, launched in 2018, claims to be strong enough to withstand 15 consecutive drops on a hard surface. Gorilla glass 6 was rated twice as strong as gorilla glass 5.

  • Gorilla Glass Victus

This version will be launched in 2020. This was the first version that had no numbering scheme. Gorilla glass victus claims that it offers drop protection from a height of 2 meters. This version offers four times more scratch resistance than competing technologies from other brands.

Finally, Decide Which Is Better?

No.Tempered glass screen protectorGorilla glass screen protector
1.Tempered manufactured by small companies and a Chinese manufacturer.Gorilla glass screen protector manufactured by coring, USA.
2.Tempered glass does not come in many versions, but the price and quality may differ depending on the manufacturer.Gorilla glass has many versions. Gorilla Glass 1, Gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4, gorilla glass5, gorilla glass 6, and gorilla glass victus.
3.Tempered glass is used as a protective cover for smartphones and tablets.Gorilla glass is used as a cover for mobile phones, portable media players, portable computer displays, and television screens.
4.You need to install tempered glass on your smartphone.Smartphones come with an already fixed gorilla glass screen protector.
5.Tempered glass screen protector contains an oleophobic coating.Gorilla glass screen protector does not contain an oleophobic coating.
6.You can replace and reuse the tempered glass screen protector.You can not replace or reuse the gorilla glass screen protector as it already comes with the phone.
7.The price of the tempered glass screen depends on the quality. If you want to replace it, the cost is much lower.The price of the gorilla glass is included with the smartphone. If you want to replace it, the cost will be much higher.
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We hope the above table has cleared some of your questions. You can see that the gorilla glass is more robust than any tempered glass screen protector. But tempered glass is just as powerful in protecting your smartphone. Some people even put tempered glass on their gorilla glass smartphones to give extra protection.

Frequently asked questions

1. Out of all the gorilla glass versions which are the best?

The latest version of gorilla glass from corning is twice as stretch resistant as gorilla glass 6. Also, it is four times as stretch-resistant as competing companies. So you can say that the latest version, gorilla glass victus is the most potent gorilla glass.

2. What is the difference between gorilla glass 6 and gorilla glass 5?

Gorilla Glass 6 is twice more resistant to drop devastation than version 5. But both are scratch-resistant in the same way.

3. Is the screen gourd required for gorilla glass?

It could give an extra layer of protection to your smartphone. So yes, you can use a screen guard for your gorilla glass. You can even use tempered glass.

4. What is corning gorilla glass and in which ion exchange is used?

The ion exchange process is when glass is dipped in molten salt, which makes potassium ions from the salt interact with sodium ions. The potassium ions get solidified when that glass undergoes a rapid cooling process.

Final thoughts

You can use good quality tempered glass to protect your screen. You can see that corning gorilla glass is more challenging than tempered glass. That does not mean that every smartphone’s glasses come with a gorilla glass attached to them. All the smartphones are expensive. So rather than spending an enormous amount on a cracked display screen, it is good to use an additional amount on a screen protector.

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