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6 Valuable Tips for Buying a Phone Case

The phone makes it possible to complete different tasks. But it is imperative to protect it from spoiling; that is why you need a phone case. A phone case is an essential mobile accessory for a smartphone. But we always buy the cheapest ones for our smartphones. People think that phone cases make our phones bulky. It is also true that phone without cases is more prone to cracks, bumps, and even shattered screens. You can find a variety of phone cases at a low price. Below, we have given some valuable tips to remember when buying a phone case.

How Do Phone Cases Are Made?

Generally, phone cases are made of polymers and silicon. TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is the most common material which offers the ideal balance between weight, flexibility, and durability. The polycarbonate is used in the connection of TPU to add bumper and other protective elements to a case. Phone cases made with silicon have a soft, rubbery finish and are less prone to crack than TPU or PC. Occasionally leather is also found in cases but as a part of a hybrid design. It means the interior in TPU and the exterior has a layer of leather. Materials like biodegradable plastic and wood are also used in cases.

Types of phone cases

There are many types of phone case options these days.

  • Thin Cases

This type of case protects the back and sides of the phone and leaves the screen fully accessible. Thin cases are straightforward and go-to-type cases for people of all ages. These cases are plain, printed, transparent, and beautiful solid colors.

  • Rugged Cases

Rugged cases are solid options that redefine style and protect your smartphone from scratches, bumps, and drops. One can choose rugged cases as they can help your phone survive all kinds of physical damage. Some rugged cases even offer protection from water and dust. Usually, rugged cases are created with several layers of plastic, which make them solid and durable.

  • Clear Cases

Clear cases are lightweight and minimal in design. It leaves the back and front of the phone exposed. Clear cases protect the phone against bumps. It is an excellent alternative to traditional cases. With clear cases, you can show off the design and colors of your smartphones.

  • Wallet Cases
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Wallet cases help in keeping smartphones safe from scratches and smudges. These cases can so be used to store debit cards or cash. The pouches of these wallet cases are made of soft fabric, rubber, and leather. You must remove your phone every time you use the wallet case.

  • Magnetic Cases

Magnetic cases are designed to work with magnetic accessories. These cases are pretty niche. But these magnetic cases can open some exciting possibilities.

  • Battery Cases

Battery cases are designed to charge phones in emergencies. These type of cases have a battery inside that do this. Due to the battery, these cases are usually bulky and heavy. You need to make sure that you also check the power capacity of these cases.

  • Waterproof Cases

Even though most phones offer some form of water resistance but will not stand up to saltwater, this is where waterproof cases exist to fill that gap.

  • Skins

Skins are something that sticks to your phone with an adhesive like a sticker. Skins offer protection from scratches and smudges. It isn’t exactly a case but performs the same task.

Tips To Follow When Buying A Phone Case

There are some tips you need to consider before buying a phone case for your smartphone.

  • Look For The Design

There are various types of design to choose from. It will help if you are looking for a strong case that protects your device and is also beautifully designed. Each case has a unique style. Standard cases protect the smartphone, and bumper cases expose the back of your phone. Rugged cases are constructed from multiple layers of different materials. Folio case is like a book, covering your back and screen. Also, the pouch case completely envelops your smartphone on all sides. While buying a phone case, look for the case that you want and that suits your phone as well.

  • Affordable Or Not

Always make a budget before you buy a phone case and choose accordingly. The careful price assessment will allow you to find the cases that you need at your preferred price. You can look out for coupon that provides discounts. Permanently settle for the best within your budget range, even if you do not have a big budget.

  • The Material Used In A Phone Case
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Before buying any phone case, know what material is used to make it. Usually, phone cases are made with TPU, silicon, and leather. Cases made of silicon and rubber are soft, flexible, and affordable. It provides a grip and prevents slipping off your hands. The cases made with leather age well than plastic. The material gets better at using it for an extended period. Cases made with polycarbonate are complex and offer excellent protection from scratches. TPU cases are softer and smoother.

  • Is It Customizable?

You can even customize the phone case that best suits you. It comes in different colors, tones, and design patterns. Customization of phone cases increases the value that you have for the phone. Also, it increases your sense of awareness and security towards the phone. If you dislike any cases, then know what suits you best and choose the customized cases.

  • Durability

The durability of the phone case is the first factor to consider when you buy a phone case. A home case that is easily broken can not protect your phone. Also, it depends on the way your use your phone. Look for a standard case with higher quality that can protect your phone.

  • Size Of The Case

The size of the phone case is another crucial thing to consider. Some phone cases will look bulkier with your phone in them. A bulky case will protect your phone from any damage. If you are carrying your phone in your pocket, look for a phone case that you can easily carry.

Benefits Of Using A Phone Case

Phone cases are crucial to protect your phone from all sorts of damage and scratches. Phone cases have various benefits.

  • Give Ultimate Protection

Smartphone cases give ultimate protection to your phone. The phone case protects the phone from exterior damage and protects it against all sorts of scratches. The phone case will absorb the shock and protect your phone from getting harshly damaged. If you phone calls from your phone, you will be sure it won’t damage your phone.

  • Can Get More Resale Value

If you protect your phone by using a mobile case, then you would get more value for your phone. These mobile cases protect your phone from all sorts of damage. The resale value depends on the better shape of your device. Also, the person who will buy the phone will get the phone in excellent condition.

  • Improve The Look And Feel
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Mobile cases not only provide protection but also enhance the phone’s beauty. You can even get customized phone cases for any look that you want. Silicon cases give your phone an extra grip so it won’t slip from your hands. Many people think a case will hide the beauty of their phone, but it’s the opposite. It not only brings beauty but protects the phone as well.

  • Increase Functionality

People think that phone cases have only one job: protecting the phone. But cases have other purposes as well. Many phone cases come with a cardholder or holder to hold the phone while watching videos. So many options are available for people to choose one according to their preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does A Phone Case Last?

It depends on the material and how well you take care of it. Many phone cases offer one or even two-year warranties. The phone cases with printed designs wear off faster than the alternatives.

  • How To Clean A Phone Case?

You can find many ways to disinfect and clean a phone case. You can use special wipes or microfiber cloth to clean your phone case.

  • If A Clear Phone Case Turns Yellow, How Do We Clean It?

Clear phone cases get a bit of a yellow tint. To remove it, You can use warm water and dish soap. Then one can use a toothbrush to scrub the solution over the case. After that, let it dry, then put it back on.

  • Is It Possible To Remove The Sticky Residue From A Phone Case?

People sometimes decorate their cases with stickers. But using stickers sometimes leaves a sticky residue behind. Use a nail polish remover to remove this sticky residue easily. You have to rinse any traces of polish with light soap water later.

Final Thoughts

Spending on a phone case is always better than repairing the damage. Phone cases save you from destruction and extra expenses. Purchasing a phone case for your phone solely depends on you. There are many other phone accessories for phones as well.

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