Apple features already seen on Android

Apple features already seen on Android

Apple features already seen on Android : The iPhone 15 series has long been uncovered, and a few fascinating redesigns are on offer. In saying as much, more than several, these updates aren’t precisely unique. Apple and Android OEMs are no aliens to duplicate one another.

Apple features already seen on Android

Apple features already seen on Android

In light of that, we first saw eight iPhone 15 elements on Android telephones.

Action Button

The mute switch has been installed on the iPhone line; however, that changes with the iPhone 15 Pro series. The new phones offer an activity button that can be remapped to your ideal capability or application.

Remappable equipment buttons have been around on Android throughout recent years, although they’re not normal in 2023.

Equipment, alternate route buttons have been around for quite a long time on Android phones, with any semblance of Samsung and BlackBerry offering programmable keys in the last part of the 2010s. We don’t see them much these days; however, phones like the Nokia XR21 and Samsung’s rough telephones offer the choice.

Folded-zoom cameras

The most remarkable iPhone 15 Pro Max camera redesign is the 5x folded-zoom camera, which works utilizing the majority of similar standards as folded-zoom periscope cameras. In saying as much, Apple’s execution varies to some degree from Android OEMs in that the camera sensor actually faces outwards rather than sideways. So it’s not exactly a periscope plan, however, it actually utilizes crystals to mirror light to empower Apple’s 5x zoom, similar as any remaining Android periscope cameras out there.

Samsung’s Ultra gadgets are still among the best camera phones thanks to a 10x 10MP periscope camera and 3x 10MP tele lens. Notwithstanding, we’re speculating that the iPhone will offer cutthroat or perhaps even prevalent outcomes at ~5x.

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While we’re discussing cameras, Apple likewise gets a UI highlight from Google and Samsung when you zoom in. All the more explicitly, the iPhone presently shows an overlay window that shows off the whole scene as the 1x camera sees it.


Apple additionally promoted the iPhone’s newly discovered capacity to switch picture center sometime later. That is helpful in certain circumstances, giving you more artistic liberty all the while.

Pulling together an image is nothing new. Simply ask Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and others.

However, this is the kind of thing we’ve seen on rival phones throughout recent years. It really appeared on the Nokia Lumia series first back in 2013 through the Refocus application, while 2014’s HTC One M8 offered this component because of a back profundity sensor. In any case, telephones from any semblance of HUAWEI (wide opening mode), LG (Enchantment Concentration), Samsung (Particular Concentration), and more have offered this choice throughout the long term.

We have seen some Android brands drop this element from that point forward, and early takes on this component brought about an exceptionally engineered look. So we trust Apple offers a more cleaned take.


Apple has at last changed to USB-C on its iPhones, right around seven years after the principal Android phones sent with the port. The standard iPhone 15 models offer sluggish USB 2.0 speeds, in accordance with low-end and mid-range Android phones. However, the Ace gadgets convey USB 3 speeds, comprehensively in accordance with Google and Samsung leads.

This is one component we’re happy the organization has replicated, regardless of whether it had to do as such by the EU. It implies that you simply need one link for all your cutting edge devices, while likewise opening the entryway for a whole environment of extras (from streak drives to SSDs from there, the sky is the limit).

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Portraits after the fact

Apple promoted the somewhat clever capacity to return to caught photographs and transform them into picture shots. Once more, be that as it may, this is nothing new for Android phones.

Google Photos offers the capacity to transform old photographs into pictures by means of a ‘obscure foundation’ idea or representation device.

Google Photos offers a “obscure foundation” idea for explicit shots (for example snaps of individuals with a distinct foundation), as well as a committed representation device in the altering suite. These devices work disconnected as well, so you needn’t bother with a web association with transform your current snaps into representation shots.

3D videos

The Apple Vision Pro headset is turning out in 2024, and Apple is bringing supposed Spatial Videos to the iPhone 15 Pro line. This is only an extravagant name for 3D videos, and it’s something we’ve seen on Android phones previously.

Phones like the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D offered the capacity to record 3D recordings back in 2011. We haven’t seen many significant telephones support this usefulness from then forward, save for the doomed RED Hydrogen One in 2018.

AV1 translate and beam following

Apple’s A17 Pro chip seems to be a super-strong cell phone processor. Yet, Apple likewise offers several chip-related highlights we’ve seen on Android telephones for some time now.

Indeed, even the iPhone 15 Pro line’s chipset brings two equipment that previously showed up on Android.

As far as one might be concerned, it’s presently offering AV1 deciphering on the Pro phones. This considers a similar video playback quality at a more modest document size or worked-on quality for a similar record size. Heaps of ongoing Android telephones offer this component, and Netflix and YouTube offer AV1 web-based as well. 2019’s MediaTek Dimensity 1000 was the first cell phone processor to offer AV1 deciphering.

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In the meantime, Apple’s Pro phones additionally bring beam following to the table. This innovation empowers more reasonable lighting, shadows, and appearance in computer games. Last year’s Samsung Exynos 2200 chip (utilized in the European Galaxy S22 series) was the primary portable SoC to offer equipment-empowered beam following. Yet, we’ve since seen the tech show up on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and MediaTek Dimensity 9200 processors.

Final Talk:

Apple, as of late, presented its most recent portable working framework, iOS 17, with new elements and abilities to upgrade the iPhone client experience at WWDC 2023. A portion of the new highlights are new and cunningly remembered for the new variant of iOS; however, Apple has likewise ‘acquired’ features already seen on Android.


Android vs. iOS: Which is the Best?

McAfee recognizes iOS as more secure than Android. iOS takes multitasking to the next level without any crashes common in Android. According to Tom’s Guide, developers prefer releasing iOS apps first and then Android. Quality control across iOS devices makes them preferable, even with a premium price.

Does Android have more features than Apple?

In addition to this, Android mobiles offer features like reverse wireless charging, fast charging, fingerprint scanners, headphone jacks, split-screen multitasking, and more that are not available on the iPhone.

What makes Apple different from Android?

Android devices run on open Source operating systems, while Apple devices run on closed Source Operating systems. If it’s important to you to be able to make changes to your phone’s software, then you might prefer an Android phone

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