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Android Version 1.0 to 14: Know all the Features & Specifications!

13 years ago, our world got the first Android version, and since then, the operating system has blasted over 2 million devices. Nine out of every ten smartphones are featured with Android OS. From the first day of inaugural to today, the world’s best operating system has evolved. Here is a fast-paced tour of all the Android Version OS from birth to the present.

What is Android OS, and how many Android Versions are launched yet?

Google developed the Android operating system, which used to operate touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets. The design of Android lets users operate mobiles or tablets with finger movements and run several compatible apps. Earlier it was introduced only for smartphones, but now Google has employed Android in smart television, wristwatch, and cars. The software was developed by Android Version before acquired by google in 2005. Here is detailed information about different Android OS version’s specifications and features.

Android 14

Google crammed many important enrichments into Android 14, enhancing the customizability, proximity, and privacy of well-matched devices and making minor interface tweaks that smoothed off several long-standing rough spots.

In the latest “The Android Show” podcast, Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke, stated that the Android 14 system has altered the memory and the processor burden balancing mechanism. He claims that this increases gadget performance and battery life.


Android 14 has the following new features you must know because it will blow your mind:

More innovative Scaling and Large Fonts

Notification Flashes

Restrictions for Photo and Video Access

Protected PIN

Data Protection

Regional Preferences

Predictive Back Gestures

Health Connect

Following are the updated features as compared to  Android 13:

More Customization

Improved Battery Life

Improved Hearing Aid Supports

Better Support for Larger Screens

Improved Security

Improved Share Options

Android version 13

Android 13, launched in August 2022, is one of Google’s strangest Android versions. The software is simultaneously one of the most ambitious updates in Android history and one of the most subtle version changes to date. It’s an unusual duality, and it ultimately all comes down to what device you’re using to experience the software.

The most recent version for Android is Android 13. It is the most reliable and robust operating system available today. It combines ambition and subtlety. Android 13 comprised a new user interface design for newer mobile devices.

The version also serves as the base for multifunctional items. It makes for larger displays and decisions, debuting on the forthcoming Google Pixel tablet. This OS generation has attained significant improvements in terms of security, privacy, and speed.

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Android 13 has the following new features you must know because it will blow your mind:

Improved Security Features

New Reading Mode

Digital Car Keys

Native LE Bluetooth Support

Additional Material You Theme Options

QR Code Scanner Support

Following are the updated features as compared to  Android 12:

Improved Privacy Features

New Gaming Features

Better Battery Life

New Camera Features

Updated Accessibility Features

Updated Communication Tools

Android 12

Android 12  operating system was released on 18th February 2021. However, the second and third versions of android 12 launched in March and April of this year. Android is used to make several changes with every new update, as here are some new updations that make android 12 better than other previous versions.

  • Lock Screen Clock

The first change which users will notice is the lock screen clock just after power on the device. The large digital clock takes pride of place right in the centre of the screen.

  • Pin Code and Dial Keys

The second change is made with the keypad of Pin code unlocking and dial. When the user swipes up the screen to unlock the phone, they notice the buttons are larger, round and with pastel shades.

  • Notifications

The notification bar also undergone changes, as the style of notification is changed now. In the new version, notifications will automatically be grouped according to different apps. The non-conversational apps will also be separated. Apart from this, the snooze control is also easier now, as one just has to tap on the snooze notification. Now no need to swipe the screen to stop snoozing. Apart from this, setting snooze time is also easier now with a single tap.

  • Setting Shades

Now no longer need to see little round tongels of quick setting bars. The quick settings shades are now larger and in rectangle shape. However, the shade of the quick setting menu will also change according to the wallpaper colour.

  • Settings Menu

Similar to the quick settings bar, the main setting menu is also updated. The icons are bigger and extra subheadings, and features are no longer here. Apart from this, one will also see the gorgeous animation at the top or bottom of the menu.

  • Screenshot Editing
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The latest android version allows users to type texts on screenshots and to stick emojis. However, one can also simply resize the taken screenshot. Apart from this, one can also dismiss the screenshot thumbnails by swiping them off the screen.

  • Edit Image Before Sharing

However, this feature is available in several conversational apps. But now, the default share menu will also allow the user to edit the image before tapping on the share button. One just has to select an image and tap on the More button to make changes.

Android Version

Android 11

Android 11 was released in late 2020, with the addition of some new and handful of features along with 117 emojis. Please note that every smartphone didn’t support all the new changes of Android 11, as only the Samsung UI mobiles are well compatible with it. Here are some of the main features for which many android lovers are still waiting.

  • Power Button Menu

Hold down the power button and see the expand buttons of different commands, including emergency, power off and restart. Apart from these commands, one can also make the lightning changes according to their preference. However, this feature is only available in google pixels phones yet.

  • Media Controls

Now the android users can control the media player simply by swiping down the home screen. The default media player is available at the bottom of the quick setting pane. Tap on the mini player and easily open the full-size player within a couple of seconds.

  • In-built Screen Recorder

Finally, google android phones have their screen recorder. The app is available on the notification panel; a third-party screen recorder is no more needed.

  • Conversational Apps Notification

In the latest version of Android, all the conversational apps will get their separate place for notifications. Apart from this, you can also set their place from top to bottom according to their preference. The next highly appreciable change is to recall the notification. As an example, if you have removed a notification and then regret your moment. Then, in the settings menu, you will get a recall notification button to reappear the notifications of the last 24 hours.

Other Old Android Version & Their Details

Android 10.0 Q

Android 10 was launched in 2019, and came with a lovely dark theme, new notification pop-up style and live captioning on video.

Android 9.0 Pie

Android 9.0 pie has made several changes to increase the battery life and let mobile work faster than ever.

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Android 8.0 Oreo

The Picture-in-Picture feature was firstly introduced with the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. Also, there was a better security system, copy and paste function and battery management.

Android Version 7.0 Nougat

The nougat android version allows the user to clear all apps in overview with a single tap.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The android 6.0 features a fingerprint reader, USB Type-C and 4K mode for apps.

Android Version

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Few changes were made with the notification pop-up style, and some of the apps were renamed in 2015 with the launch of the lollipop version of Android.

Android 4.4 Kitkat

Google cloud print and emojis were firstly introduced with the Android 4.4 KitKat version.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

4.1 jelly bean was faster than all the previous versions of Android, and for the first time, google chrome became the default browser of Android mobiles.

Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Live video effects in-camera and canned text response for rejected calls were the major changes made in the Android 4.0 version.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Android 30. It was mainly updated for tablets only to include 3D graphics support.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The gingerbread version allows video calling by using the front camera for the very first time.

Android 2.2 Froyo

Flash Player 10.1 was launched with the Android 2.2 Froyo version.

Android 2.0 Eclair

With the eclair version, the camera was improved with digital flash and zoom features.

Android 1.6 Donut

Android Market(google play store) was introduced in the 1.6 donut version.

Android 1.5 Cupcake

Home screen widgets, video recording and copy-paste function for web browsers were the major implementations of the 1.5 cupcake version.

Android Version 1.0 G1

Android Version debuted with the 1.0 G1 version and was compatible with only HTC Dream AKA- T1 mobiles. As a result, 35 Apps were coming with the first time Android.

Enjoy the Latest Technologies

So, here we have mentioned all the necessary features and specifications of android version. You can enjoy the latest features by uploading and updating the same timely. It is very easy to update and check the new features after updating. If you want to know more about mobile phones, mobile accessories, and many more then stay connected with SarkariFormAdda.

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