Motorcycle Mobile Holder

Motorcycle Mobile Holder For Bike 2024

Motorcycle mobile holders are a necessary piece of riding gear. We offer a wide selection of mobile holders for bicycles that also include wireless charging, quick grip, x Grip, quick lock, easy lock, waterproofing, anti-theft features, and many other features.

We provide the widest selection of high-quality motorbike phone holders. Your bike tour will be simple thanks to our mobile holders because you can use them to navigate, take pictures, film videos, and charge your phone while you’re riding.

Top Picks for Best Mobile Holders

1. Popular Option: Bobo Claw-Grip Mobile Holder

A variety of smartphones can fit in the small yet reliable Bobo Claw-Grip Mobile Holder, which leaves the buttons and ports open. It has a claw-grip style with an adjustable size to fit smartphones with screens ranging from 4- to 6.5 inches. Foam padding and silicon bands are not necessary when using the claw grip. If you’re searching for a sturdy and simple-to-use mobile holder, the Bobo bike mobile holder is a fantastic choice.

2. Budget-friendly Universal 360-Degree Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder

If you want a mobile holder that is easy on your wallet, the Humble Universal 360 Degree Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder is an excellent choice. It has a buckle structure and fits smartphones with screens between 4.5 and 7 inches wide. It has padded grips and a back that absorb shocks and guard against scratches on your smartphone. It supports handlebars between 15mm and 30mm and is simple to install. You may effortlessly record your ride with your smartphone’s camera while it is mounted thanks to the mobile holder.

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3. Flexible design Sounce Bike Phone Mount/Holder

Use of this premium smartphone holder from Sounce is recommended. It has a 360-degree rotational design so you can use or check your phone conveniently. The silicone padding offers a secure hold and shields the device from bumps in the road. The holder is universally compatible and simple to install.

4. WeCool B1 Bicycle Mobile Holder

Lightweight construction: This mobile phone holder from WeCool is made to handle smartphones with screens that range in size from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches. A soft padded anti-slip silicon gripper that provides a secure grip and guards against scratches is included. For a comfortable viewing experience, it boasts an adjustable and 360-degree rotating design. It has a lock button as well to protect the phone and stop it from falling. The handlebar may be quickly mounted with the holder attached.

5.     Generic Bike Mobile Holder Also Takes into Account

The Generic Bike Mobile Holder is a straightforward item that holds the mobile using the customary x-grip style. It has silicone padding that provides a secure hold and shields your smartphone from dings. It is simple to install and works with cellphones that range in width from three to six inches. To ensure that you don’t run out of power while exploring, it has a USB charger.

Our rating standards

When choosing the best cellphone holder for bikes, we take into account a number of things. To ensure durability and long-term use, we consider the design, compatibility, and installation style. We search for holders that provide a secure grip and safeguard the phone.

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What to look for when purchasing?

When buying a cellphone holder, some factors to think about are the protection provided, the construction quality, and which devices are compatible with the holder.

How the holder attaches to the bike is another factor to take into account. While some holders attach to the handlebars, others attach to the stem. Verify that the holder is appropriate for the bike you own.

Final Words

The holder’s security should be the final thing to think about. While some holders clamp to the handlebars or stem, others include a strap that wraps around the bike’s frame. Check to see if the holder can safely hold your phone while you are riding.

In conclusion, there are a few factors to take into account while selecting the finest mobile holder for bikes. Considerations including size, compatibility, and security are crucial. Pick a holder that can hold your phone safely while you are cycling.


1. Does India have laws governing bike mobile holders?

Is the phone holder for bikes legal? As long as it is in a mobile holder, Indian law permits the use of a mobile phone for navigation. While driving a vehicle, the rider or driver cannot have a phone in their hand.

2. Is using a phone holder on a bike safe?

So you might get into problems if you’re navigating rush-hour traffic with one hand while sending a text or making a phone call. And for your safety, even while using a bike-mounted phone holder, you should only use your phone for hands-free tasks, such as utilizing your GPS.

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3. In India, are bike body kits permitted?

So long as the modifications don’t compromise your bike’s functionality or safety, they are acceptable. However, before making any changes, you must obtain approval from your neighborhood RTO and other important authorities.

4. Which motorbike is prohibited in India?

The Bullet 350, Yezdi 250, and Rajdoot 175 were competitors for the RD350, which quickly became well-known in the market. Compared to the 40 Bhp-producing Japanese-spec bikes, the Yamaha RD350 Indian version was detuned. They were still very strong compared to the Indians.

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