USB-C vs. Lightning vs. Micro-USB

Choosing the Right Charger for Your Device: USB-C vs. Lightning vs. Micro-USB

USB-C vs. Lightning vs. Micro-USB – Remote charging innovation has circulated around the web lately with the speed of reception that nobody on earth might have imagined.

USB-C vs. Lightning vs. Micro-USB

Yet, let’s get straight to the point here, it are not old to charge links. They are as yet the most well-known technique to charge your telephone, move information or back up, and have many advantages that remote advancements can’t as yet exactly coordinate!

Tragically, the universe of charging links is turning into a wreck as there are different guidelines. The average three sorts are, Micro USB for Android devices, Lightning for Apple devices, and the latest USB Type-C,
which gives much more helpful charging strategies and usefulness.

They’re not tradable; in this manner, it means quite a bit to realize the distinctions between each configuration to assist you with distinguishing what to get for your gadgets to guarantee they work at top productivity.

Priorities straight, how about we check out at the nuts and bolts of these three kinds of connectors.

Micro USB vs. Type-C vs. Lightning

Here is a speedy test for those hoping to get one of these charging links, might you at any point pick the right one from the beginning? Really look at the image underneath:

A) The Micro USB

Miniature USB is a scaled down rendition of the USB (General Sequential Transport) interface created for interfacing reduced and cell phones, for example, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS gadgets, photograph printers, and computerized cameras. It’s very nearly a widespread connector; I say ‘nearly’ in light of the fact that even with this specific rendition, there are three variations, miniature A, miniature B, and miniature B v3.0.
They generally accompany dark hued containers, however it’s not difficult to distinguish them since one elements a minimal 5 and the other 10-pin plug. They appear to be unique.

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B) The Lightning

Apple is known for pushing forward with principles. They did it when they carried out another link design, the Lighting to USB link (a 8-pin connector) as the bygone one (the 30-pin connector) was a lot more extensive and occupied an excess of space on the gadget.

Like its ancestor, the Lightning connector was not intended to be viable with different connectors, which caused some discussion when it was first presented, despite the fact that it is a more helpful link for Apple clients. The new connector is 80% more modest, a lot sturdier in plan, even, and hence reversible. This implies you don’t need to stress over which is the top or base side when you plug it in.

C) Type-C

The USB-C, otherwise called USB Type-C, is a 24-pin USB connector framework that interfaces with the two hosts and gadgets, supplanting different USB-B and USB-A connectors and links, which is intended to be future-sealed.

As may be obvious, it’s really a reversible fitting which is basically the same as the Lightning link. Be that as it may, there’s one huge contrast between the two: the Sort C link gets the pins from a tab incorporated into the port in your telephone/gadget, though a Lightning link utilizes a tab with uncovered pins that plugs into an attachment on the telephone.

You may ponder: which link configuration offers the better list of capabilities? Also, significantly, which connector will last the longest?


  1. Q1: Is Micro USB better compated to Lightning?

    Lightning cables are more durable and efficient compared to Micro-USB cables.

  2. Q2: USB-C lasts longer or micro USB?

    Micro-USB cables are rated for 10,000 plug-in cycles which is similar to USB-C.

Final Talk

In this way, one can get the best options for the USB-C vs. Lightning vs. Micro-USB. It can make your electronic gadget collection perfect.

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