Early Childhood Education Courses

Early Childhood Education Courses Details & Important Information

The Early Childhood Program’s instructional strategy is adapted to the maturational requirements and readiness of children at each age and stage. From an early age, we make sure to give our children all they require to promote learning in a manner that makes them happy.

When your child participates in things they are passionate about and find enjoyable, their confidence and curiosity grow, laying the groundwork for a truly pioneering spirit. Let’s discuss the various earlychildhoodeducationcourses.

What to Expect for Your Child?

Each topic area is approached in light of each child’s developmental stage, prior knowledge, and degree of comprehension. Our teachers assist in guiding your kid at their speed so that they can develop self-assurance and a sense of support and caring.

In addition, we want your child to acquire the fundamental information, critical and creative thinking abilities, and fundamental learning habits that will promote lifelong learning while still enjoying the delights of childhood via intentional play.

Various Education Courses

  • ESL/BilingualEducation: Prepares graduates to teach young students English as a second language.
  • Gifted andTalentedProgram: Prepares graduates to work with gifted young students.
  • UniqueEducationProgram: Graduates of earlychildhoodeducationcoursesare prepared to work with young children with various difficulties.

Goals & Development At Early Stage In Life

1.      Consistent Development

Many societies, which are frequently characterized by weak educational systems, subpar social services, and constrained economic prospects, do not provide children and young people with the information and skills they need to engage in and contribute to them actively.

Likely, their parents have never had the authority to provide them with the help they desperately need. A flat-out International equips kids and teenagers with the skills they need for a more sustainable future so that the following generation can succeed and get along.

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2.      Equality And Rights

Children and young people should be aware of their rights and obligations to actively contribute to creating a more just society. Our work is based on the UN Convention to ensure that rights and equality are at the center of our programs.

Variety Of Early Childhood Education

  • Curriculum for Young Children
  • Curriculum for Young Children
  • Early childhood stem learning 
  • Early childhood stem learning
  • Observation and assessment
  • Child development
  • Language development and early literacy
  • Student teaching
  • Senior Capstone
  • Campus connections: making the transition
  • Career connections: building your brand
  • Future relationships: starting your career

Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge

1.      In English, the course provides

  • Videos of the letters from A to Z with explanations
  • Alphabet pronunciation using phonic sounds
  • Understanding of alphabets
  • Learn how to read, write, and trace the alphabet.

2.      The subject provides opportunities in math.

  • Number recognition and writing from 0 to 100
  • Basic forms
  • Big and small sizes, tall and short sizes, etc.
  • Assessment of each number

3.      You will find sufficient General Awareness (knowledge) materials to explain subjects such as to the youngster.

  • My body, my family, my house, and I
  • Produce, Flowers, and Transportation
  • Birds and animals, including domestic pets, agricultural animals, wild animals, and aquatic life
  • Games, both indoor and outdoor, etc
  • Local volunteers

Some parents spend a lot of money on tuition but are still in the dark about their kids’ academic progress. With the help of this course, you will be able to groom your child affordably, save a lot on tuition, and have more opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your child.

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