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A reliable USB car charger can charge your phone and other gadgets more quickly than the built-in port for only a few dollars. According to our analysis, the dual-port Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger, which we tested against more than 60 types, is the best car charger. You may quickly charge phones, tablets, and laptops on its USB-C port while simultaneously charging a second phone on its USB-A port. No other charger provides the same amount of power for a lower cost.

If you’re often moving around, consider purchasing a top-rated portable power source or a portable solar charger for your far-flung travels. For your new portable charger, auto charger, or even a regular USB wall charger, our travel specialists have also tested the top lightning cables and notable USB-C cables.

Top 3 Car Chargers Online

1. Anker Power Drive Speed+ 2

Your smartphone may be increased from 10% to 80% with the lightning-fast Anker PowerDrive Speed+ 2 in just 20 minutes. Regarding cable compatibility, the USB-A and USB-C ports offer flexibility, and the two ports can be used simultaneously. This firm car companion can charge even pricey stuff like MacBook notebooks.

Additionally compact, the PowerDrive’s ergonomic design makes it simple to insert and remove. The inputs are a lighter blue, creating some contrast and making them easier to notice, and the ring light around the external signals that the power supply is operational. When both ports are active, the combined maximum output is 4.8A or 2.4A per port.

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2. Nekteck USB Type C

The Nekteck USB Type C is an excellent alternative for people with contemporary smartphones, tablets, and laptops because of its quick charging times and high wattage output. Its total power is 57 watts, 12 from the USB-A port and 45 from the USB-C port.

This makes it possible to quickly charge larger devices like tablets or laptops while simultaneously charging cell phones. Alternatively, a quick charging station with a USB-C connector is used to set up a current smartphone.

There are few other car chargers on the market that can charge a range of gadgets so quickly. This charger is strong and long-lasting, and we didn’t have any concerns with durability during our testing. Additionally, the product includes a C-to-C USB cable, increasing its value.

3. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

The two USB-A ports can deliver up to 12 watts apiece, so most gadgets charge in an average amount of time. Additionally lacking from the Bestek are the USB-C and Quick Charge Devices’ quick charging capacities. This charger is overkilled if you want to use your car primarily to charge your modern smartphone or tablet; instead, you should look at some of the other small and quick chargers in our review.

The Bestek is relatively big, five inches long, four inches wide, and two inches thick. This charger has a bigger footprint than the more discrete two-port chargers currently available, but the extra space is worthwhile for the proper applications. The fan is also audible when the appliance has been running for a while.

Buying Guide

1) Speed of Charging

The charging speed of a car charger is its most crucial feature. We measured how quickly each option could charge an iPhone 12 from 10% to 80% to test this criterion. We also connected more gadgets to test if the charge time was affected. Regardless of how long our automobile travels, we need chargers that can swiftly and effectively fill our batteries from empty to full because of how crucial this measure is; many customers neglect all other aspects.

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2) Versatility

Our testers place a high value on chargers that support a wide range of gadgets and provide enough ports to charge all your equipment at once. As a result, we considered the number of ports each charger offers, the total wattage of each charger, the model’s safety certifications, and its quick-charge technological capabilities.

3) Ease To Use For User

This indicator describes how simple a product is to use. We considered each charger’s ability to accept wires, size, effortlessly slide into and out of the DC outlet, and overall ergonomics. Even though this statistic is less significant than the other two, the usability of these car chargers can potentially impact your entire user experience negatively.


Final Words

Our skilled testers are convinced that they have put together a thorough assessment of this category after subjecting some of the best car chargers on the market to a rigorous testing procedure. We looked at many possibilities and distinguished the best from the rest, from basic chargers to multi-port choices and small inverters for life on the road. Our review will aid your decision-making as you weigh your options and pick the best charger.