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How You Can Check Income Tax Return Status Online in 7 Easy Steps

Check Income Tax Return Status Online – Filing income tax returns is mandatory. Once you file your return, you will want to know if the Income Tax Department has processed it. Checking the status online is easy if you follow the right steps. This article explains how you can check income Tax Return online status in 7 simple steps.

What You Need Before Check Income Tax Return Status Online

Before checking the status, you need:

  • PAN card – A PAN number is a must to check the status
  • Aadhaar card linked to PAN
  • Email ID/mobile number used for e-filing
  • Login details for e-filing website
  • ITR-V form, if return filed with digital signature

Once you have these, you can easily check the status by following the 7 steps below.

Step 1: You log in to an e-filing website

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘e-Filing’ and then the ‘Login’ icon
  3. Enter login details and captcha code
  4. Click the ‘Login’ button

You will log in to the e-filing portal.

Step 2: Click ‘Compliance’ section

  1. Click the ‘Compliance’ section in the menu bar
  2. Select ‘Compliance Dashboard’

You will see compliance information.

Step 3: Open the ‘View Returns/Forms’ tab

  1. In Dashboard, click the ‘View Returns/Forms’ tab
  2. Select ‘Income Tax Returns’
  3. Choose assessment year

You will see returns filed for a selected year.

Step 4: You check the latest return status

  1. Current status is shown in table format
  2. The ‘Status’ column shows the updated status

This way you can check if the return is processed or pending action.

Step 5: You understand common statuses

  1. Return Filed – Return received but not processed
  2. Return Verified – Initial validation done
  3. Return Validated – Technical errors fixed
  4. Defective Return – Errors found
  5. Return Processed – Final processing complete
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Step 6: You take the next steps based on the status

If defects are found, you take corrective steps for smooth processing.

Step 7: You update your contact information

You update your email/mobile number to get status updates.

This is how you can check your income tax return status online in 7 easy steps.


Checking income tax return status online through the e-filing portal is convenient and easy. Follow the 7 steps explained here to check your latest Income tax return status online. Ensure your contact information is updated to receive timely status updates. In case any defects are conveyed, take corrective steps for smooth processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1. Can I check previous years' Income Tax Return status?

    Ans: Yes, you can check your last 8 previous years’ IT return statuses by selecting the relevant assessment year when you log into the Compliance section.

  2. Q2. What if my mobile number/email ID is not updated?

    Ans: You will not receive timely status updates. Immediately submit an online request for updating contact information in the e-filing profile.

  3. Q3. Who can view my IT return status?

    Ans: Only the taxpayer or authorised representative can view real-time IT return status. It remains confidential information accessible through your login credentials.

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