Factors to Check before Buying Your Next Smartwatch


Smartwatches have become one the most popular item nowadays. There is a reason behind it, as smartwatches can be helpful in many ways. It can be used as a fitness tracker, health tracker, alternative smartphone, and even work alternative to a traditional watch. There are aspects one should consider before buying a smartwatch for yourself. This guide will help clear all your doubts regarding the smartwatch.

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatch is similar to a wristwatch, but it has a computing device. Smartwatches are Bluetooth capable and help wearers to connect their smartphones to the watch. People can answer phone calls and sends a message with the help of smartwatches. Some smartwatches even collect data about the wearer’s health, monitor heart rate, etc. It has even GPS that can help the wearer with direction.

What are the functions of a smartwatch?

There are many functions of the smartwatch that is useful for people, like health information such as heart rates, BP, temperature monitoring, etc. Smartwatches have features similar to smartphones, like messaging and calling features, contactless payment, etc. You can even synchronize your smartphone to the smartwatch to get social media and other notifications. There are also GPS tracking and location features and other entertainment option available in the smartwatches.

Types of smartwatches available in the market

You can find several smartwatches on the market with great features. Like the apple watch from Apple, Wear OS watches with Google’s Wear operating system, and Tizen watches from Samsung. Some smartwatches are available for their specific uses.

  • Hiking and climbing watches that are engineered for durability. These watches withstand drops, dust, and water. These watches can even forecast weather and collect your basic vital signs.
  • Diving watches are waterproof watches that provide to divers. It works as a crucial indication of depth, time, and temperatures.
  • Aviation watches are optimized for pilots. It provides them with logbooks, GPS-powered maps, and weather tracking.
  • Braille watches are for visual assistance for visually impaired users. It helps to tell them the time and receive notifications.

Differences between Smartwatch and Ordinary Watch

Usually, smartwatches offer more options than ordinary wristwatches. So we can easily differentiate them.

  • Having a smartwatch means having a computer on your wrist. At the same time, a regular watch is just a time-ticking device.
  • Smartwatches have technology-infused features like fitness tracking, apps, and notification. Whereas the wristwatch has none of these functions, it can only tell time.
  • Smartwatches are charitable; on the other hand, wristwatches use batteries.
  • Smartphones offer many features, so they are more expensive than a wristwatch. But anyone can afford a wristwatch as it does not cost that much.
  • One can use smartwatches for just about anything, like checking the weather and receiving messages. The wrist watches can only tell you time.
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Reasons to Buy A Smartwatch

Below are some reasons that might persuade you to buy a smartwatch.

Do more than tell time

People usually wear a watch as it notifies time and looks fashionable. But due to the advent of smartphones, watches have become less popular. People think that when a phone can tell time, there is no need to buy a watch. But the smartwatch is different from our ordinary watch. From offering all the basic watch features, the smartwatch does other things that a smartphone cannot.

Can be a travel buddy

A smartwatch can be a travel buddy for you. Take the apple watch as an example. It delivers different vibrations on your wrist to tell you if you should turn left or right. With a smartwatch, you can follow an invisible guide that informs you where to go. Instead of staring at a map, you must look and take the scenery.

A fitness tracker

A smartwatch can work as a good fitness tracker. With a smartwatch, you can keep up with your fitness goals. With a smartwatch, you can count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and pulse. You can even find smartwatches that are completely waterproof and perfect for people who like to swim.

Help in finding a phone, or device

Some people always lose things like their phones, key, etc. Losing something is a very frustrating experience. This is where the smartwatch comes in handy; it has all the features you find on the phone. This feature lets you connect your phone or device with a smartwatch. This way, you can find your things through your watch whenever you wish.

Can help in receiving phone calls

With a smartwatch, you can easily take calls. This way, you don’t have to bring your phone out of pocket. You can even communicate with someone a mile away with your smartwatch. All of this is done on a smaller scale. Smartwatches are very capable when used for small amounts of time when you can carry a phone in your hand. But it can never replace the phone shortly.

It can be used for entertainment purposes

If you feel bored, listen to music or watch videos on the go. You can watch YouTube on your smartwatch. Even though it does not look like a phone screen, for some quick moment, it is unbeatable for convenience. Some smartphones can even store music, too, which can be played through your Bluetooth headphones.

It Helps to view your social media notifications.

Everyone uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp these days. You can see your messages and social media activity through the smartwatch. Even though this is not the primary method but on those occasions when you are out running, it’s helpful.

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What are the factors you should consider?

When you buy your smartwatch, you need to consider some factors. Below we have written some of those factors.


It will help if you are looking for a smartwatch compatible with your smartphone. Not all smartwatches will work with any smartphone. Like apple smartwatch only work with Apple phones. So, if you have an android mobile phone and are considering buying an Apple watch, that will not work. Also, Fitbit smartwatches are compatible with both android and iPhone.These are things you have to keep in mind.


These days most smartwatches come with plenty of customization options. You can personalize the look as most of the time, the watch’s straps can be swapped. You can choose the band color, material, and size of your liking. Do not opt for cumbersome clasps as they require too much force to open and close because you have to consider the comfort of fastening the watch to your wrist.


When buying a smartwatch, look for the display as it plays a crucial factor in the smartwatch. Most apple and Samsung watches have OLED displays. Whereas oppo offers an AMOLED screen and realms has LCD Screen. There are more options for users as Realme and Oppo are also throwing theirs in the smartwatch battle. You can choose the display according to your budget.


You should set a budget before buying a smartwatch. If you are looking for good entry-level watches, then theRealme watch is good. Fossil and Fitbit is a good option for a mid-range watch. The Apple Watch is quite a bit pricy, but Samsung watches are priced less than apple watches. The prices of the smartwatches also vary according to their features.

Battery life

Whenever you buy and device or gadget, the battery is an important aspect to consider. The same goes for smartwatches, as their battery doesn’t last that long. On a single charge, the apple watch will last about 18 hours. At the same time, Samsung watches last a few more hours than an apple watch. Before buying any smartwatch, think about your primary use of the watch and the battery it might consume.


Even though the smartwatch is smaller than the size but it has thousands of apps designed for it. There are sports all under, music apps, and social media customized for smartwatches. Also, you can even install apps directly on the watch.

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Track your fitness activity or not

You can keep track of fitness and health with your smartwatch. This is why these features should be on the top of your list when you look for a watch. It helps you to monitor your heart rate and keep close track of your heart’s health. Some watches even offer female cycle tracking as well. Another feature that is relatively high on buyers’ minds is sleep tracking.

Can it help in communication or not

You can even receive calls and messages on smartwatches. The phone does not need to be nearby or turned on with that tour. You can even pay for stuff with your smartwatches. Even Fitbit also has added mobile payment to their latest devices.


While buying a smartwatch warranty is the most crucial factor to be considered. You will quickly get services and replacement if it has an extended and good warranty. Smartwatch brand offers a 1-year warranty with a specific condition.

Frequently Asked Question

Do the smartwatch and Fitbit are same?

Even though both are smartwatches, Fitbit is a fitness tracker focusing on fitness-oriented features. Smartwatches come with advanced features that are pretty different from Fitbit.

Is it necessary to have a smartwatch?

Yes, because besides serving as a wristwatch to display time and date, it allowed you to do many things. Like smartwatch monitors, heart rate tracks fitness activities, records blood pressure, and sends reminders.

What is the negative trait of the smartwatch?

Smartwatches come with limited battery life. It can never replace a smartphone. You have to charge it. And to receive calls or messages, your smartphone has to be close by. Another negative trait of a smartwatch is the screen size.

What smartwatches are the most preferred watches?

Many popular brands like Samsung, rename, Fitbit and TicWatch, etc. But the apple watch is the most preferred with its stylish design, brilliant performance, and remarkable features.

Is using a smartwatch can harm your health?

Smartwatches track your heart beat so they might help with any heart disease. But it might not catch other illnesses, though.
There is nothing to be checked as there is no scientific evidence.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing when picking a smartwatch is to choose what is suitable for you. You can use the valuable features of a smartwatch to improve your life and health. It would help if you considered these factors when you buy a smartwatch.

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