USB Mobile Charger

Benefits Of Buying A USB Mobile Charger

USB mobile charger is counted among the most vital mobile accessories. As smartphone users, we all know how frustrating it feels when the battery runs down soon. With time, smartphones are coming with various evolving features. However, the battery remains the same as it was earlier.

So to maintain good health of battery life. We need to charge our phone’s batteries regularly. It’s not always possible to get a charging point everywhere. So people are shifting towards USB mobile chargers. USB mobile chargers are the most popularly used option for charging the phone.

These charges are equipped with various capacities that help to enhance your battery health in the long run. Apart from this, it is compact and easy to assess. All such features are the reason behind the massive popularity of such chargers.

Uses Of USB Chargers

  • Compact

Most of us don’t have ample space available. We all want things to get compact to accumulate little space. USB mobile charger is a perfect example of it. It makes that product easy to carry. The USB charger is mainly divided into two parts.

The first part consists of an adaptor. It helps in the conversation of AC to DC. At the same time, another part is a wired cable. These cables are generally shorter and have a small connector at both ends. These two components can be removed to tuck them into a smaller space.

  • Versatile

A versatile object always has the upper hand over any normal one. Other than car chargers or bulky chargers require a specific socket design to work. USB cables are also designed to be very versatile.

The USB mobile charger does not come with such limitations. You can easily find sockets comparable to a USB mobile charger. Moreover, you use it via a plugin on computers or laptops also.

  • Convenient
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USB mobile chargers are equipped with various convenient features. They are compact, have great charging speed, are easy to access, and many more. All such features make it very convenient to use.

  • Durable

Whenever we buy a product, we want the most durability. We want to run any device/ product as long as it can. In earlier times, mobile chargers are less durable. They get damaged very easily.

However, with the arrival of USB mobile chargers, the durability has drastically increased. These charges are made up of sturdy outer components. Most of them are enriched with high-quality fittings inside, providing them with better durability. The USB wires are also getting advanced. It’s becoming faster and more durable with time.

  • Speed

In this modern world, everyone wants to save time. We all have once suffered from low battery issues on important days. Earlier, the mobile chargers are very slow. They are incapable of transmitting high voltage current to your Mobiles.

However, time has changed. We can not get our mobile phones charged very quickly. The modern-day USB mobile charger helps to save up to 80 percent of the total charging time. The supersonic USB mobile charger is revolutionizing the mobile charging speed.

Types Of USB Mobile Charger

There are various types of USB mobile chargers available in the market. Every phone is compatible with only one kind of port among them. A list of all kinds of USB mobile chargers is written below.

  • USB type A
  • USB type B
  • USB type c
  • Mini USB
  • Micro USB
  • USB 3.0

Things To Look Before Buying

  • Built Quality

Built quality is among the most vital part you should look at before buying a USB charger. A decent exterior built quality ensures a longer life of the charger. It helps to make the charger sturdy and shockproof.

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Whereas the internal built quality plays even a much more vital role. Usually, cheap quality chargers are incapable of providing stable power flow. This may lead to battery damage as well as damage to phone components.

So always try to pick a good quality charger from a reputed brand. The best you can do is to go for the original USB mobile charger that matches your mobile model number.

  • USB Socket

USB socket is the prime thing you must check before buying a USB mobile charger. USB sockets are of many types. Not every phone is comparable with every USB socket. You must know that your mobile is comparable with which USB port.

  • Voltage

Every phone can handle a certain amount of stable current inflow. If the charger flows a higher or a lower current, it will damage the battery. Moreover, many internal components of the phone may also get affected. Before buying your USB mobile charger, you must know the voltage intake capacity of your phone. This will help you to enjoy a longer and faster battery life.

  • Plug Format

Plug format is the most neglected thing when buying s USB mobile charger. However, it is essential to check once. You must check that the plug format is compatible with your country’s sockets. Without a compatible plug format, you may face many difficulties in charging. You have to carry an adaptor to make the plug format compatible.

Top USB Charger Brands

  • Xiaomi:Xiaomi is a leading mobile manufacturing brand. Apart from mobiles, it has expertise in producing chargers. This brand is known for its cheap and best-in-class chargers. They manufacture USB chargers of every formant and voltage.
  • Samsung: Samsung is among the world’s leading companies in smartphone manufacturing. Same as its smartphones, their charger is always on demand. Samsung maintains a good balance between price and quality. It manufactures chargers for every kind of phone. The pricing depends on the voltage and quality of it.
  • OnePlus: one plus is the market leader in the flagship phone segment. It is known for its highly durable and feature-loaded phones. Along with phones, chargers are also a prime selling product for them. Their charger is of superior quality. It ensures long life and stable current inflow of your phone.
  • Syska: Syska is not a phone brand. However, it is among the top electronic brands on the world stage. It manufactures many products and is recognized for its reasonable pricing. Syska holds a significant share in total charger sales globally. They manufacture USB chargers compatible with every phone.
  • Amazon basic: Amazon is the largest e-commerce giant. It is a well-known and trusted company. They have recently launched Amazon basic as a subsidiary company. It manufactures various devices along with USB mobile chargers. They are known for cheap pricing and decent quality.
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Frequency Asked Questions

Which is the best USB charger brand?

Ans: The top five USB charger brands are mentioned in the above article.

How much time will a USB mobile charger take to full my phone’s battery?

Ans: It depends on the size of your phone’s battery and charging speed. As small as your phone battery will be, it will take less time. On the other hand, a higher charging speed means lesser time taken.

Can I use Samsung USB mobile charger in one plus phone?

Ans: yes, you can use a charger of any brand to charge your phone. However, the charger must full fill the voltage requirements. Moreover, it must be compatible with your phone’s charging port.

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