Photo Editing Apps

Spice Up Your Social Accounts with These Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps – The next central app is already being developed since change is the only constant in the social media world if you look a little closer and see that images, videos, and brief, consumable material are the driving forces behind the growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Any social media video and photo advice list will emphasize the value of quality as their major point, and amazing tools are necessary to produce outstanding quality material.

However, how can you choose the tools that are best for you? We are here to provide information on some of the top photo and video editing applications for social media because of this.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a well-known photo editing app that is accessible on both iOS and Android, and it may help you spread your social media material widely. This free app’s fantastic social media photo editing and enhancing features may make your postings stand out.

You may use it to create collages, add photo effects and filters, and improve the quality of your images with fantastic features like color splash, double exposure, or focal blur using standard and bespoke social network photo sizes.


VSCO is a unique app for modifying photos and videos. A free version of VSCO is available. However, it has few editing options. Members gain access to the app with more than 200 presets and sophisticated editing features for a little more—$29.99 per year or $7.99 per month.

VSCO doesn’t offer as many built-in engagement possibilities for members as some other photo editing applications. On the platform, users may also share photographs with other users. A 30-day free version trial is available if you wish to try it out.

Lacking inspiration for social media? Check out our DIY Social Media Planner and 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas to ensure that a strong content plan accompanies your gorgeous, social media images.

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3. After Light

Teejay Hughes, a digital artist, suggests utilizing Afterlight to selectively adjust your photographs’ colors and create some interesting, creative effects. He utilizes a select few applications to edit his travel and fashion images for his steadily expanding audience.

Afterlight offers over 20 cutting-edge editing tools and over 130 photo filters made solely by photographers. They come with distinctive extras like light leaks and organic dust that will give your shot a special touch. However, this program’s overlays and textures might be its most used features.

The app’s free edition includes most of the functions above, but a paid membership offers additional tools.

4. YouCam

Additionally, it allows for selfie editing, double exposure, and customizing your stickers. With YouCam Perfect, you can even alter the background of your picture or swap out the sky for one of the romantic alternatives.

YouCam Perfect’s Body Tuner feature can assist you if you need to make some natural changes to your body due to an unfavorable viewpoint or inadequate lighting. Have a background subject or object in your images that you’d prefer to have taken out? Use our AI Object Removal tool instead.

5. Squaready

Are you tired of trimming a photo to remove unwanted parts before Instagram auto-posting? Squaready can assist! This program automatically formats any image into a square or rectangle without cropping it. It dramatically simplifies Instagram editing!

Users of Squaready can also modify photos with various tools, such as adding text and stickers or adding colored frames to existing images. A video version is also available for editing videos for Instagram. The app comes in both a free and paid edition.

6. Photo Director

Complete creative control and a built-in royalty-free image library from iStock and Shutterstock are all features of PhotoDirector. With PhotoDirector’s high-quality tools, anyone can quickly turn a short photo into a spectacular one, regardless of skill level.

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It offers every fundamental editing feature you could ever need, including color grading, editable collage templates, and object removal tools. With AI-powered sky replacement, advanced capabilities allow you to add beautiful sunsets to your photographs.

PhotoDirector makes it simple to use widely used Instagram effects. You may create motion lines and place anchor points to modify the animation. Alternately, you can add animated stickers and décor to photographs to thrill your followers.

7. Darkroom

Memory-making shouldn’t be a mysterious craft. With just a few taps, Darkroom makes it simple to take fantastic photos and keep them organized. With 12 free filters to select from, you can always discover the ideal appearance thanks to the sophisticated editing features that enable you to fine-tune your photos. Additionally, it’s simple to maintain a clutter-free Camera Roll thanks to the particular Favorite and Delete modes.

Try Darkroom immediately and join the millions of users who have made it their go-to picture app. You may quickly get rid of any undesired subjects or subjects in your images using the flag and reject tool. You may produce magnificent videos that will wow your friends and family with the 4K video editing features.

8. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

The picture editor provides you with everything you need to edit, organize, store, and share your photos on mobile and desktop devices using a cloud-based service.

The editing program promises more editing options than other apps and has simple-to-use sliders for all its innovative features, from deleting undesired objects to mending brushes.

For example, you can store your draughts in their cloud storage and return to the editing whenever you like. Additionally, there are step-by-step courses and interactive tutorials assembled by photographers.

9. PicCollage

You may use the collage-making tool PicCollage to make, draw on, and embellish the photo collages you share on social media.

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It provides a variety of photo grids, background options, and a tonne of fun stickers for a touch of individuality. How to edit Instagram photographs can be done with the help of a straight forward program.

10. iMovie

The free iOS video editing program iMovie is pre-installed on Apple devices. It’s incredibly user-friendly and perfect for basic video editing.

It can elevate your social media posts and make your company stand out on websites like Instagram. Additionally, you can utilize it to upload your films to iCloud and add voiceovers or music to them.

13 video filters made by Apple. Choices for slow motion and quick forward. Easy access for implementing split-screen, green screen, or picture-in-picture effects.

With the built-in feature that adapts automatically to the duration of the video, you can add a soundtrack to your film. Include narrative or sound effects. Simple AirDrop or iCloud Drive transfer to other iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches.


1) What is the top free photo editor available for Android and iPhone?

The most acceptable free photo editor is YouCam Perfect. YouCam Perfect is the ideal free photo editing program, regardless of whether you’ve never edited photos before or are an experienced pro.

2) Which free photo editing software is the best?

You can edit photos using various free programs available on the market, but YouCam Perfect is the greatest. With a few touches, one can quickly transform your photographs from plain to beautiful with its wide range of photo editing capabilities.

3) What is the most popular tool for altering photos?

One of the most well-liked photo editing programs is YouCam Perfect, which is understandable. It offers a comprehensive set of editing app tools, including well-known ones like backdrop replacement, animated elements, aesthetic filters, face retouching, body tuning, virtual tattoos, and more.

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