AWS Interactive Video Service

AWS Interactive Video Service

Simple APIs, native SDKs, and video infrastructure specifically designed for interaction and audience involvement. In order to make low-latency live video available to any viewer anywhere in the world, all you need to do is stream to AWS Interactive Video Service, which takes care of the rest. The ingestion, transcoding, packaging, and delivery of your live material are handled by Amazon IVS using the same tried-and-true technology that drives Twitch.

Create entertaining live streaming and interactive video content

Brands and organizations can use live interactive video to inform, amuse, and educate their customers thanks to the Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS), an AWS service. A complete video delivery platform with highly scalable infrastructure, low latency, interactivity, and a cloud-native pay-as-you-go business model can be created from a single API call.

Powered by AWS and Thought Works, experimentation

 By ‘Working Backwards’ with Thought Works’ Lean Experimentation and Integrated Design and ‘Thin Slice’ methodology, we combine the best of AWS’ Innovation Mechanisms to offer the value of interactive video early on in thin slices.

With live streaming and interactive live video, there are countless chances for experimentation and innovation. Innovate at Thoughtworks, an AWS IVS partner, can collaborate with you to pinpoint use cases for IVS and interactive live video, quickly prototype and test concepts, and provide complete solutions.

Concerning Amazon Web Services

The most complete and widely used cloud platform in the world has been provided by Amazon Web Services for the past 14 years.

With announced plans for nine additional Availability Zones and three additional AWS Regions in Indonesia, AWS currently offers over 175 fully featured services for computing, storage, databases, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 77 Availability Zones (AZs) within 24 geographical regions.

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Millions of clients trust AWS to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and cut costs. These clients include the biggest corporations, the fastest-growing startups, and the top government agencies. Visit to find out more about AWS.

Significant Points

According to Martin Hess, GM, Amazon IVS, “Customers have been asking to use Twitch’s video streaming technology on their own platforms for a range of use cases like education, retail, sports, fitness, and more.” “Now that Amazon IVS is available, users can benefit from the same cutting-edge technology that Twitch spent over a decade developing and perfecting. Without having to control the underlying video infrastructure, any developer can incorporate an interactive live-streaming experience into their own application.

Customers can find livestream content and browse previously recorded live streams on the Amazon Live page on According to John Katsavrias, Senior Development Manager, Amazon Live, “With Amazon IVS, handling live video streams is very simple, which means we can devote more time to producing engaging content and features that allow viewers to interact with creators in real-time.” “Amazon IVS enabled us to move quickly to unlock our creators’ live streaming capabilities so they can produce awesome content that inspires customers and aids in their discovery of new products,” the company said.

The goal of Blackboard is to advance education by working with the global community of educators. “Blackboard provides services to millions of users in nations and regions all over the world. We’re looking into ways to enhance interactive video experiences for all users as instructional methods change and Blackboard expands, and Amazon IVS is changing the game in this regard, according to Scott Hurrey, the staff engineer. “We quickly integrated IVS into our teaching and learning workflow in a single day. It takes care of the bulk of the back-end labor, giving our team more time to concentrate on developing exceptional experiences.

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Applications For Amazon IVS

According to SNDK Corp, the Amazon Interactive Video Service may be used for the following purposes:


Amazon IVS has a solution if you want your viewers to chat with you or with each other. It also includes a social chat feature that doesn’t obstruct your live content.


It is simple to generate revenue through promotional elements using IVS’s timed metadata APIs. Thus, you can allow uninterrupted live streaming of your audience making purchases or donations.


This is the thing for you if you want to involve your audience by asking and answering live questions about a survey or their doubts, for example.


Additional functions of applications for real-time voting and polling are made with timed metadata APIs. As was previously mentioned, you can gauge the audience’s opinions through immediate feedback.

Leading brands and businesses in the industry, such as ViacomCBS, DeNA, etc., have already moved. Blackboard, a well-known brand in the global education industry, supports Amazon IVS’ peculiar features because they made it easy for them to incorporate it into their workflow and benefit their millions of users around the world. You can use this AWS service and improve your performance with the aid of SNDK Corp.

Focus on Producing Outstanding Content

Companies can refocus their efforts in the new environment because Amazon IVS eliminates the stress and confusion associated with managing live streaming and interactive experiences. Businesses and creators can focus on giving viewers the best experiences rather than worrying about back-end management and maintenance.

The East and West United States regions already have access to the Amazon IVS APIs and management console for streaming solutions. This technology can also be found in parts of Europe (Ireland). There are locations all over the world where the video ingestion and delivery functionality is accessible. This enables the creation of a distinct, dependable network of managed infrastructure that is specifically tailored to the requirements of live video.

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1. IVS server: What is it?

You can create interactive video experiences with the managed live streaming service Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS). control over live streaming. stream chat that is controlled. Live broadcasting with several hosts.

2. For streaming, which AWS service is used?

The platform for streaming data on AWS is called Amazon Kinesis. It offers strong services to make it simple to load and analyze streaming data as well as the ability to create unique streaming data applications for unique uses.

3. Uses Amazon IVS kick?

The Interactive Video Service (IVS) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) serves as the foundation of Kick, a recently launched streaming platform. In essence, viewers are provided with content via AWS’s cloud-based live streaming service.

4. What is the purpose of IVS technology?

This system’s real-time data collecting will enable FBR to achieve precise production estimates through item detection and object counting, as well as aid in reducing under-declaration by suspected tax evaders.

5. What distinguishes streaming video from interactive video?

When compared to linear video, interactive video platforms can keep a viewer’s attention for 44% longer. The spectator is immersed in the interactive element, which reduces their propensity to become distracted. The viewer actually enjoys and remembers the brand content thanks to the gamification of the experience.

6. Is Amazon S3 suitable for streaming video?

A basic origin for live streaming video workflows, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers the scalability, data availability, security, performance, and consistency needed.

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