Buy Mobile On EMI Without Credit Card

5 Ways to Buy Mobile On EMI Without Credit Card

Buy Mobile On EMI Without Credit Card

Every time a new smartphone is released, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to choose one. The price of a smartphone increases with its feature set. Today, smartphones are a necessary tool, so spending a significant amount of money on one often makes sense. Several solutions can let you buy a smartphone on EMI without a credit card if money is tight or you don’t have one.

5 Ways To Buy Mobile On EMI

Individual Loans

Have you given a personal loan for a cell phone some thought? You can pick from a variety of lenders on the market right now. These loans not only have reasonable interest rates, but they also have practical repayment choices that make EMI payments simpler.

An EMI Card

Using an EMI card, you can receive a loan that has already been pre-approved. When you purchase a product, it is divided into manageable EMIs. Some of the top NBFCs that deal in electrical appliances or durable consumer goods offer this kind of credit.

Platforms for lending technologies

When you’re on a tight budget, lending companies can provide you with a personal line of credit that you can use as a quick loan to buy a phone on EMI without using a credit card. Your purchase can easily be split up into adjustable EMIs.

These sites also allow you to select the loan term, and EMI payment best suits your needs. After purchasing your phone, you still have money left over in your approved credit limit that you can utilize in case of other monetary emergencies.

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Debit card EMI’s

Your debit card can also be used to purchase mobile phones. The remaining balance is paid in installments through the loan on EMIs after the initial down payment has been made using your card.

Pay Later With Amazon

Amazon India will offer a small number of clients this new service. Customers can receive fast credit for purchases made on Amazon India using the Amazon Pay Later option. After adequately registering, you can buy a smartphone on Amazon and pay for it later using EMIs that last between three and twelve months. Customers must finish a one-time setup step to use this service.

You must be over 24 years old and have an active Amazon India account to use this service. You must also link your Amazon account to a bank account and provide your PAN number. Your credit limit will be determined by Amazon’s lending partner based on the information you give.


Can I buy a phone with an EMI debit card?

All you have to do to purchase a phone on EMI with a debit card is: Purchase your phone from one of the electronic retailers that your bank has partnered with and provides additional facilities for. Register and upload the necessary paperwork if you haven’t finished the Know Your Customer procedure.

Which bank offers debit card EMIs?

Customers of ICICI Bank Debit Cards can use this feature to break up large transactions into manageable payments. Select the item you want at the merchant location, then use the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) option on your debit card to pay.

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Is buying a phone on EMI a wise idea?

It is advised against purchasing durable goods on an EMI because the interest rate is greater. Saving money before spending it is preferable. Most of the time, the price of electronic goods, particularly phones, decreases. It is best to avoid buying something if you cannot afford it.

If a mobile EMI is not paid, what will happen?

A higher interest rate The lender may raise the interest rate and impose additional fees on your loan if you haven’t made your scheduled EMI payments. Lower CIBIL rating: The borrower’s credit score would drop due to an EMI default, which would impact his future capacity to take on debt.

Is an EMI preferable to a full payment?

In the case of Pre-EMI, there is no additional benefit to making principal or interest payments before taking ownership. In both cases, interest payments totaling more than Rs. 2 lakh are made over three to seven years. Compared to the Pre-EMI option, the loan is repaid through the Full-EMI option far more quickly.

Final Talk

Nowadays, thanks to numerous institutions’ wide range of financial options and increased technology adoption, buying a mobile phone on EMI without a credit card has grown significantly simpler. This stood in sharp contrast to a few years ago when the concept did not exist. Getting a loan to pay for a phone is unquestionably an option to think about. Visit the Money View website or download the app to apply right now if you’d want to take advantage of one of their loans.

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