5 Big Mistakes You Make While Charging

5 Big Mistakes You Make While Charging Your Phone

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5 Big Mistakes You Make While Charging

5 Big Mistakes You Make While Charging – You would like your smartphone’s battery to last a little bit longer, whether you are a casual smartphone user or a technological aficionado, don’t you? Since most smartphones use Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries, they should last for 1-2 years of charging.

These batteries can withstand 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles. Once you exceed that threshold, the storm begins to degrade, resulting in a capacity reduction. The battery will not operate at 100% of its capacity even after being fully charged.

1. Letting The Battery Run Out Of Power Before Charging

Don’t wait until the battery is deficient before charging. It does not instantly impact the phone battery, but over time it starts to show. Eventually, it causes the battery to get stressed (yes, batteries can become stressed), reducing battery life. You don’t need to wait until you’re close to dying before you relax and eat to recharge yourself; think of your battery as a human body.

2. Overnight Phone Charging

We all eventually end up doing this. Before going to bed, we plug in our mobile phones to charge them and leave them plugged in all night. The gadget keeps charging for extended periods.

This is known as overcharging, and in a perfect world, you would unplug the charger as soon as the battery on the phone hits 100% charge. However, soaking isn’t as problematic as earlier smartphones today.

3. Leaving The Case On

 The majority of us are. When we need to charge our phones quickly, we frequently leave our cases on. This causes the battery to overheat by trapping heat when it is being set. Try slipping off the case first the next time you’re looking for strategies to extend the life of your battery. It will disperse extra heat and prolong the life of your phone by a few years.

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4. Utilizing Any Compatible Charger

Particularly regarding cell phones. The majority of smartphones use micro-USB chargers. Therefore consumers frequently switch and swap chargers since they are compatible with and functional with their phones.

This, however, is inappropriate and, over time, may negatively impact your phone’s battery. Not all chargers and phones are compatible, even though most smartphones share the same micro-USB port. If caution is not taken, some chargers’ differing ways could be harmful to your device.

5. Improper Locations For Phone Charging

Where you change your phone matters because it might have an adverse effect on the battery’s capacity, phones have a range of temperatures within which they may operate normally; charging your phone in a warm environment may increase the temperature and put stress on the battery.

Additionally, charging your phone in shallow temperatures, such as in front of an air conditioner, might harm your battery and prevent it from operating at its best.

Final Talk

Update your programs frequently because newer versions may fix flaws that led to excessive power drain and heating in earlier versions. The battery of a phone should never be used. Don’t use cords or chargers from the black market; instead, have the battery replaced by an authorized service centre. Do not leave your mobile phone in the car.

If you have to, keep it inside the glove box and out of the sun. Keep your smartphone tidy. Clean up any dust and ensure the speaker grilles and charging ports are lint- and dust-free. Avoid using huge cases. These operate as insulators by preventing the phone from dissipating heat, so you don’t gain anything in the way of protection.

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