Best Wholesale Mobile Accessories

Best Wholesale Mobile Accessories – Buying Guide 2021

A smartphone is an essential part of our daily life. Our primary need keeps us carrying a mobile in our hand for almost 12 to 13 hours a day. Even these gadgets are essential for running businesses or accomplishing work and help in quick communication with the clients.

Therefore, we have to keep our important gadgets up to date in and out. One should also buy mobile accessories that make our smartphone looks more attractive and keeps them safe. Even if you want to eliminate the hassle of carrying wires all the time, buy a Bluetooth headset with comfortable earbuds. Power banks can be the best solution for recharging the mobile phone when discharged unknowingly, and mobile covers are essential to keep them safe.

So, here we are going to talk about the best wholesale mobile accessories available in India. It could help you to choose the best product and enjoy the ease of carrying essential mobile products in less space.

Essential Mobile Accessories One Should Buy for their Smart Phones:

You should get some basic mobile accessories to keep your mobile phone safe from any damage.

Mobile Accessories like Protective Back Cover eliminate the risk of scratches. It also increases the beauty of your mobile. There are a variety of professional, classy designs available for girls and boys.

Temper Glass to protect the screen from accidental breaks and scratches. Now, you can get many varieties in temper glass, too, like anti-blue, D+, Super D, UV glass, and 11D. Every model may require a different type of protective glass; hence you can buy it accordingly.

Power Bank works as extra storage for the battery while traveling or when you don’t have sockets nearby. You can charge power banks once a day and keep them in your bag as they are easy to carry.

The fourth essential accessory for Smart Phones is Bluetooth Headphones. These are perfect for eliminating excessive wires and can be carried easily. You can charge them fully, and they will work well for the whole day. Just check the earbuds off your Bluetooth and choose the most comfortable material.

mobile accessories


Original Equipment Manufacturer Vs. Third-Party Manufacturer

People often get confused between OEM and third-party manufacturers. So, here within few points, you can understand their meaning, advantages, and disadvantages.

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer: Also known as OEM, those companies are originally manufacturing mobile accessories considering all the factors necessary for the particular product range. Some of the companies are Samsung, Apple, RealMe, and many more. You can directly buy the products from them through online or offline mode.

  • Advantages: You are directly buying from the first-hand manufacturer. Hence guaranty and warranty become more credential. You can contact customer care whenever there is an issue with the product. You can ask for repair or replacement until the product is in warranty period.
  • Disadvantages: The products are higher in cost than any 3rd party manufacturer; the repair cost of these products is also high if the warranty is over. You have to leave the product in service centers for more period to get repaired. And, the variety available is less and precise in every category.
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2. Third-Party Manufacturer: These manufacturers are getting a boost everywhere for the past few years. The companies who are not manufacturing the main product but manufacturing its mobile accessories and other related items with 90 to 94% same quality of product are known as third-party manufacturers. They are directly giving products to wholesalers, retailers to sell them in the market.

  • Advantages: The biggest advantage is low-cost products with the almost same quality and usage methods. You can buy them online or offline mode from local sellers. They have a large variety of options, designs, and quality. You can buy the products with or without a warranty. They can be repaired from any local shop with few hours or a day.
  • Disadvantages: The brands are unheard of, and fewer people know about them. Hundreds of options are available. Hence, it is not easy to buy a third-party accessory.

Hence, you can select any of the products, either directly from OEM or third-party manufacturers.

How to Select a Mobile Accessory?

Before buying any mobile accessories, you should look after some important factors to make a safe purchase. Here are many things you should look for:

  • Check the user reviews from any e-commerce websites, preferably Amazon or Flipkart. Thousands of users leave their feedback once they use a product. Hence, you should check and compare it to select a worthy product.
  • Check product tutorials or unboxing of various products. It helps to know more details about the products, and their features. Many YouTubers shows proper buying guide and detailed reviews of some major products.
  • Check the return policy and cashback policy of the seller. This has to be checked while making an online purchase. Some products have a specified time to return them and get cashback. Companies or online platforms fix the terms.
  • Make a list of products, androids, iPhones, and other companies with a great variety of products. Hence, if you buy a new cellphone, then make a list of mobile accessories required and then place the order.

In this way, there are numerous mobile accessories in India that you can buy as per your requirements and budget.

mobile accessories

Additional Products:

Apart from essential products of the smartphone, there are some additional gadgets that you can buy. Some of them are:

  1. Tripod stands for video shoots. It holds the mobile when stable, and you can go live for long hours.
  2. Spotlights can be placed over the tripod stand to give a bright light to the area for a clear shot.
  3. Gimbels is available to stabilize the screen while shooting videos in motion.
  4. Fancy back covers are an addition to the list with many designs in the market.
  5. Pop-sockets are a new and really helpful product to hold the mobile phone easily for long hours.
  6. Mobile phone holders are best to be used in offices or at study tables.

In this way, numerous mobile accessories are available in the market that can help you do many more things with your device.

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Categories of Mobile Accessories in Brief:

Although there are many mobile accessories available in the market, here is the list of some basic product categories and their pros. You can go through them and make your buying decision perfect.

Uses & Pros of Some Basic Mobile Accessories

1. Back Panel

The back panel of the mobile is made up of plastic which has more rigidity, glossy finishing, and lightweight. If any scratches or damage occur on the backside of your mobile, then it can be replaced very well.

2. Earphones & Headphones

Earphones and headphones can be attached to the mobile through wire points. You can buy original or copy earphones from the market based on your budget.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are attached to mobile phones through Bluetooth application and listen to music on the load volume. These are available in different sizes and frequencies. You can buy it as per the size of your premises.

4. Tripod Stand

A perfect product to hold your mobile while clicking photographs and shooting videos. These are available in different sizes and quality. Modified tripod stands with Bluetooth remote are another good option in this category.

5. Temper Glass 

Screen protectors are available to secure the screen of your smartphone. There are a variety of temper glasses available in the market that we have mentioned at the blog’s starting.

6. Customized Mobile Accessories

A very new variety in the market and trendy nowadays. You can ask for customized designs from the seller and get them in less time. For example, you can get a mobile back cover with your colored photo print.

7. Mobile Display Combo

If your mobile display is damaged, then you can buy a display combo. It includes an LCD screen and your display folder. It will be a cost-effective offer for the buyers.

8. Battery & Charger

Batteries and best chargers are available for different models at different prices in the market. You can check the model and battery suitable for it. Always check the warranty of the battery and chargers given by the seller before buying.

9. Data Cable

A variety of data cables are used to connect the mobile with various devices. Or one has to buy a new data cable for their charger. You can get a variety of cables as per your requirement and attach them to the device easily.

 10. Pendrive

Pendrive of different companies with 2,4,8,16 GB, and so on are available and compatible with almost every device. It acts as a secondary memory for the safe storage of data for the long term. It is also very necessary to keep your confidential data safe. 

11. Memory Card

Memories cards are additional storage available to attach with the smartphone. One can buy it at a reasonable cost and enjoy the extra space to save data. You can buy memory cards from different companies with different gigabytes.

12. Keypad Mobile Phones

Smart Keypad Mobile Phones are a new variety in the market that makes keypad phones equal to a smartphone for its features. You can use all the android apps in these mini cellphones, and they have a good battery back-up and life.

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Therefore, here is a common list of different categories of smartphone mobile accessories. The list is too wide and cannot be explored at one go. So, we have mentioned the top product categories and their primary use.

mobile accessories

FAQ – Section

1. How can I determine the quality of the product?

To determine the quality of any accessory, one has to check the material manufacturer has used to make the product. If the quality of the material is high, then its main product becomes eventually durable and long-lasting. The material used is easily available on the back of each product, or you can check the user-manual or youtube guides to know more.

2. Which is the best place to buy mobile accessories? 

As per the opinion of our experts, you can buy mobile accessories from an online medium. Here, you can get more variety and comparison between different products in one place. You can directly ask questions to the sellers, and they will provide you required guidance. We have seen people grabbing excellent details from online websites.

3. Is it worth making an online purchase? 

Yes, it is definitely worth making an online purchase because it gives a period to return the product if you don’t find it worthy. Online sellers also provide a warranty, guarantee, and up-time support during working hours. You can check the catalogs of sellers or ask for regular updates through messaging apps.

4. Can I choose CellToPhone for my online shopping?

It would be great to deliver quality products with optimal services to our buyers. Here our team is working to make all the queries and guide our customers through an online portal. Apart from selling, we are posting various guides to help you use a product and keep it up to date with regular maintenance.

5. What steps should I follow to exchange a product?

If you are not satisfied with any of the online sellers’ products, you can go to the portal and follow the exchange procedure to place the query. If you are facing any issues in the process, visit the website’s contact section and directly contact the seller through email or phone call. Most of the sellers on the online medium are legit; you only have to find the authorized mobile accessories selling website.

Enjoy the Amazing Variety of Products:

So, here we at CellToPhone trying to provide all possible information about India’s best wholesale mobile accessories. We have various products and deliver them to the customers with a warranty and 99.9% uptime. You can email or call us to get your query resolved.

SmartPhones are just another amazing option that could give you a chance to try unlimited things. Hence, taking care of our device is our responsibility. We hope now your basic queries for mobile accessories are resolved.

Keep visiting for more updates. Buy a variety of products like data cable, charger, back cover, back panel, and many more today.

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