Upcoming Latest Mobile Phone 2021

Upcoming Latest Mobile Phone 2021

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The smartphone evaluation pace is moving too fast, as there is always something new in the smartphone world’s wings. No sooner, you have used your latest mobile phone, a new big thing arrives. Many of us have an addiction to enjoy and use the latest smartphone version and technology.

As the new year has arrived and there are also many of the latest mobile phone 2021 is waiting to come in front of the world. Have a look at the list of upcoming blockbusters of the smartphone world.

  • Apple iPhone 13:

Apple launched 12 series of iPhone in October 2020. From the same day, the rumors are on air about the launch of the iPhone 13. Well, it is not a rumor, actually, as Apple has started working on their upcoming project. If all goes well, then maybe in the second week of September 2021, the world will get their new bad boy named Iphone13. The designs are almost similar to the iPhone 12, but the 13th series will reduce the notch on display. Apple is also working on an under-display Touch ID system for its new project.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold E

There are lots of rumors are trending about Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. In between hundreds of rumors, one thing is true that Samsung is looking for an affordable option for their folding phone series. Maybe we get Galaxy Z Fold E in 2021. The Samsung latest mobile phone 2021 is designed like Z flip and with a smaller external display. Its price will range near to $1100.

  • OnePlus 9, 9 Pro and 9E
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OnePlus has also launched several models of smartphones in the past few years. Rumors are suggesting that in the year 2021, the OnePLus smartphone fans will get the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. Apart from this, OnePlus will also launch an affordable option in the same series named OnePlus 9E. If we talk about the design, it looks a lot like the Samsung S20 FE.


Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus have been the regular winners of the smartphone world. In terms of the latest mobile phone 2021, maybe these brands could become winners again.

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