iOS 17 New Features

Best iOS 17 New Features That Just Launched 2023

Simply seven days after the new iPhone 15 series send-off, Apple is finally carrying out the iOS 17 update to all qualified iPhones. Best iOS 17 New Features This is the greatest programming update coming to Apple iPhones this year. Yet, is it adequate to push Android clients to embrace iOS? Here is a rundown of highlights that can urge you to move to the opposite side. Like past updates, Apple is carrying out iOS 17 to iPhones sent off in 2018. The iPhone XR and iPhone SE second gen will qualify for the new update.

iOS 17 New Features

The Apple iOS 17 presents a large group of new elements, yet we have recorded the best 10 most intriguing ones: Best iOS 17 New Features That Just Launched 2023

Contact Posters

This component permits you to tweak what individuals see when you call them. You can customise a banner incorporating different medicines for photographs, Memoji, and your name.

Swap Numbers with NameDrop

This component makes the unremarkable contact-sharing cycle fascinating. You should hold your iPhone close to another person’s iPhone or Apple Watch to utilize NameDrop. You’ll both have the option to pick the particular telephone numbers or email tends to you need to share, and you can share them alongside your Contact Banner in a split second.

AirDrop and SharePlay

As soon as you hold your iPhone in close proximity to another device, Apple AirDrop and SharePlay can be automatically activated. Like NameDrop, the simplicity of sharing makes it a fascinating element to utilize.

Live Voicemail

When somebody calls and leaves you a message, you’ll see a live record and can get the call as they leave their message. You don’t for a moment even need to pick the telephone to understand what the guest needs to converse with you about.

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Unified Apps Menu in Messages

This element brings all your iMessage applications in a single spot. To view everything you send the most, including photos, audio messages, and your location, tap the new plus button.

Check-In in Messages

This feature will notify your friend or family member on your behalf when you arrive at your destination, such as your home. This new component could be useful for continuous explorers who need to keep their loved ones advised about their whereabouts.

Audio Message Improvements

While recording a sound message, you are presently ready to delay and afterwards keep recording a similar message prior to sending. To get sound messages, play them back at up to 2x speed, keep listening while leaving the Messages application, or view a record.

Location-Sharing Improvements

Share your area or solicitation another person’s area straightforwardly from the in addition to fasten in Messages with the new Area application. The area will stay live inside the talk window. You will not need to open it in Guides.

FaceTime on Apple TV

Utilize your iPhone as a camera and begin a call straightforwardly from the FaceTime application on Apple television, or hand off the call from your iPhone to your television.


Turn your iPhone on its side while charging to make it significantly more helpful when you put it down. You’ll get to see glanceable data like time, and significant warnings.

Final Talk:

iOS 17 will bring new features for Messages, FaceTime, and widgets. One of the new privacy feature coming in iOS 17 is Link Tracking Protection. Apple announced iOS 17 during WWDC 2023

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Which iPhone will get iOS 17?

The iOS 17 update will be companionable with iPhone XS and newer models. Users are advised to take a backup of their devices before downloading the update. Apple launched the latest iPhone 15 series at the Wonderlust occasion last week.

What time will the iOS 17 be available?

Update 9/18 – 10:03 am PT: iOS 17 has publicly launched. Update 9/18: At the iPhone 15 event, Apple confirmed iOS 17 is landing today. As usual, it didn’t share a launch time. But as it occurs, Apple almost every time releases its yearly iOS updates at the same time every year – 10 am PT.

What is iOS 17 going to be like?

iOS 17 is a doozy of an update on the way for iPhone operators, bringing with it a swathe of updates to existing apps like Messages and even the good ol’ Phone app, along with new features like Contact Posters, Live Voicemail and a new manner to share content with other iPhone owners.

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