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Best Samsung Phones Launched In 2022

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Best Samsung Phones

Considering a new Samsung? Samsung dominates the market in the US; many casual smartphone users associate “Android” with “Samsung.” It’s difficult to argue that Samsung has yet to earn its reputation, even though we might want more competition. The business produces many top Android devices available today in various pricing ranges.

Here are our top picks, with prices ranging from 12,000 to 1,50,000. The Galaxy S22 series and the appealing A-Series provide more conventional smartphone designs with features that compete with the greatest devices on the market.

1. Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G was the company’s first flagship device of 2022. The S Pen could be used with the S21 Ultra from 2021, but there was no way to keep it charged or carry it around.

With its release, Samsung has completely embraced the S22 Ultra’s role as the Note’s successor, giving it an S Pen silo, flat and square design cues, and all the most cutting-edge features available in a smartphone.

The S22 Ultra from this year has cameras with the same resolution as the S21 Ultra, but Samsung has enhanced the cameras’ performance in low light. Samsung continues to distinguish itself from Apple and Google by including two telephoto cameras with excellent zoom capabilities.

2. Galaxy Z Flip 4

The most significant issues of the previous generation have been fixed by advancements in battery life and camera quality. Thus there are now very few design compromises.

The main one is that you’ll have to forgo a telephoto camera, a feature included on all of Samsung’s prior flagships, and accept the possibility that it won’t last as long as a conventional slab-shaped phone.

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Even still, this phone is hard to resist because it combines a stunning, small design with top-notch specs, water resistance, and a battery that can now easily last all day.

3. Galaxy A53 5G           

With a 120Hz refresh rate, the 6.5-inch, 1080 x 2400 pixel Super AMOLED screen is stunning. This means everything looks incredibly smooth while navigating social media or game feeds.

There is a quad-lens rear camera on the device, and its point-and-shoot shooting abilities also wowed us.

The phones that cost twice as much may differ in some ways, and the performance could be better on a flagship. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G will make you very pleased if you’re okay with it.

4. Galaxy A23 5G

The A23 has a Snapdragon 695 CPU compared to that considerably less expensive phone, and it also includes an extra gigabit of RAM for a total of 4GB. This smartphone’s screen, a 120Hz, 1080p LCD panel, is fantastic for the price and has double the built-in storage at 64GB.

Additionally, it includes a 5,000 mAh battery to run all day. In addition, it will receive security updates for four years following its first US release. That places us in 2026.

Although the Samsung Galaxy A23’s primary sensor has a 50MP resolution, the cameras aren’t particularly impressive. The A23 is still a terrific option to spend $300 if you can’t find a high-end phone at a significant discount, especially if your carrier provides enticing incentives.

5. Galaxy A73

The Galaxy A73 is a stylish mid-range phone with an outstanding design, respectable camera, and display. Its Snapdragon 778G chip, which rivals provide at a lower price than it does, and the slow 25W charging slow it down. Only a few other phones at this cost, however, have IP67 water protection or four years of Android upgrades.

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Final Talk

The prices of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 FE, and Galaxy A53 are significantly lower than those of Samsung’s top products. Choose the base-model S22 if you want a smaller screen and can live with mediocre battery life. Depending on your budget, pick one of the other if you require a larger display.

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The A23 and the A03s, which are more affordable, provide rudimentary smartphone capabilities at very affordable pricing. Both aren’t particularly powerful, but if your budget allows it, we’d suggest the A23s over the A03s. The A23 is superior in every manner, yet it is more expensive when purchased new. There are several excellent low-cost Android phones from other manufacturers if you’re interested in exploring options other than Samsung.