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Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases In India

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Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases

Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases – You’ll want to shield this gorgeous phone from life’s minor accidents. Check out our selection of the most delicate Google Pixel 7 Pro cases if you’re interested in card cases, minimalist transparent cases, or something a little more colourful. There are already several significant cases available for Google’s newest flagship. Your upcoming issue is listed here.

5 Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases

1. Mous Limitless 5.0 Case

Your Pixel 7 Pro is shielded from drops, scrapes, and bumps with AiroShock technology, and a soft microfiber lining prevents scratches. A high-protective bump surrounds the camera for increased protection, while ridged edges increase grip. Various fashionable backplates are available, including walnut (our favourite), aramid fibre, black leather, and silver pearl.

2. Poetic Revolution Series Case

You should give the Poetic Revolution Series Case much consideration if you are worried about breaking your phone. This one is one of the best cases for protecting your Pixel 7 Pro from drops and scratches. This case has a raised bumper frame to protect your phone’s exposed edges and an integrated screen protector from deterring dings and fractures.

3. Bellroy Leather Case For Pixel 7 Pro

Bellroy, the original Made for Google case partner, constantly provides us with what Pixel owners are looking for. The six colour variations of this “environmentally-certified” leather-wrapped hard case captivate the mind and heart while skilfully adhering to the sculpted sides of the Pixel 7 Pro.

4. Pela Case

Although flax might not seem soft, this is one of the best-feeling Pixel 7 Pro cases by a considerable margin. And who right now doesn’t want a little extra fun? There are many possibilities in simple colours, but cases with engravings and patterns, like this Seashell Disco, let you add a little additional excitement.

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5. Evunnbc Slim

I appreciate covers like the Evunnbc that hide as much of the Pixel 7 Pro’s frame and camera bar as possible, as they may be downright distracting due to how wonderfully glossy, they are. It will not only cover any scratches your 7 Pro may acquire, but you won’t have to be concerned about dazzling loved ones or ruining pictures due to that bar’s ridiculous light reflection.

6. Otter box Defender

You can’t go wrong with the Defender Series from Otterbox because they are known for their protective cases. This case is the one to get if you enjoy extreme sports or the great outdoors because it is made to withstand significant wear and tear. This case’s PC shell and synthetic rubber slipcover offer rugged, layered protection, and it is made to withstand four times as many drops as the military standard. Raised borders add security around the camera and screen, and port covers block away dust and debris.

7. Spigen Slim

The sleek card slot on the back of this thin case, which can carry up to two cards, doesn’t add any extra bulk to your phone. Dual-layer protection is provided by a polycarbonate shell and a shock-absorbing TPU interior, and air cushion technology shields your phone from all sides. This case is available in the traditional colours of black or rose gold, but a word of caution: wireless charging is not supported.

8. UAG Scout Series

Since the Pixel 4, Urban Armor Gear has been a little sparing with colour options, but this year it offers us options besides black. The forest green here complements all three frame colours for the Pixel 7 Pro beautifully, even though calling it Olive Drab doesn’t do it any credit.

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Final Talk

I generally choose Supcase, Poetic, or UAG for more serious protection. Even said, the Otterbox Defender Series’ hues are pretty alluring, particularly if you’re purchasing the Hazel Pixel 7 Pro. Although the blue is much darker than the green of Hazel, the colour matching looks fine, and if you can justify the price, it still appears like a million dollars. Poetic and the Tudia Merge Series Dual Shield have you protected if you cannot.

In case you’re wondering, we do not include the official Google cover for the Pixel 7 Pro until we can try it out. Although Google claims to have learned from the disastrous Pixel 6 Pro cases, we won’t believe that until the circumstance lasts longer than a month without falling off, discoloured, or bending to the point where the phone becomes scratched.

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